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Murphy and Sheera,  Darcy,  Perry,  Bella,  Max

Biddy,  Honey,  Jake and Elmo,  Megan,  Teddy and Sadie

Jack,  Harvey,  Sammy,  Bailey,  Dino

Bailey,  Ben,  Ben,  Paddy,  Ziggy

Nelson,  Cassey,  Sophie,  Ricky,  Molly

Lizzie,  Murphy,  Bailey,  Nanook,  Murphy

Bobby,  Billy,  Griffin,  Babs,  Simba

Ozzy,  Toby,  Kimba,  Silver,  Lady Fliss

Mick,  Clyde,  Danny,  Sam

Eight dogs were rescued after a raid on a puppy farm by the ISPCA and were given into the care of Irish Retriever Rescue

Rooney,  Lili,  Kelly,  Aine.
Ciara & Shannon,  Bouncer,  Kelly.

These lovely ladies came to us in a 2nd ISPCA puppy farm raid
Carrie,  Lisa,  Alice.
and then Alice produced her surprise puppies, Teddy-Jumble, Rory and Rupert.

Sasha,  Benji and Cassie,  Duke,  Poppy,  George.

Holly and Prince,  Cara,  Belle.


When you look into my eyes, I know just what you'll see,
There is only love and trust, where fear once used to be,
For I was a abandoned pet, a cold and hungry stray,
But you reached out your gentle hands, and took me home to stay.
Ive eagerly accepted, the compassion you have shown,
and am trying to forget the times, I was frightened and alone,
you've opened up your heart to me, and taught me how to trust,
You've given me a loving home, where kindness is a must.
So, when you gaze into my face, I hope you realise,
That love, without condition, is reflected in my eyes.

2013 Irish Retriever Rescue