THE VERY WORST NEWS  (3rd January 2014)

Alice went to Rainbow Bridge on Friday, 3 January.2014 at 11.30am.  She went very peacefully in Brenda's arms and is now free from pain and young again. 

Run free Alice, now back with your lovely Spaniel brother, Sammy, who was so missed by you, with Sandra's Buddy, who you were so gentle with, and Carrie who shared the very worst of your life but who is waiting to be reunited with you so you can have the fun you missed out on as youngsters. 

A huge thank you from IRR to Brenda and Kevin and also to Sandra, who fostered Alice with Lisa, for all you did giving the perfect life to this once pathetic little soul who had become the wonderful natured girl, loved by all who knew her.

Alice in her Forever Home

Alice, what a joy and privilege to see her become the perfect Mum, still showing the scars of abuse on her face, when she gave birth.

Alice and Lisa chasing a mouse

Don't I look lovely now?

Alice went to her perfect home in Portsmouth to stay with Brenda and her son Kevin. She shares her life now with a springer spaniel called Sammy, who was lonely and needing a companion. How well they get on with each other and how good they are for each other. Sam can teach Alice to learn to play now, something she never did before. Brenda, who has fostered many times, is the perfect mum for Alice who needs gentle guidance and love to heal further.

Alice in her new home

Alice and Sammy snuggled up

21st January 2006

We are delighted with Alice - she seems to get better every day. We keep tackling new things for her to do. She adores Sam - if you see one of them the other one is not far behind. She also loves my daughter's lurcher George, he is also very gentle and is a rescue dog.

7th February 2006

Alice is really at home here now and keeps trying to mother Sam by trying to lick his ears. He does not really appreciate it!!!! She is doing very well and her coat has started to grow again and is getting curly down her back.

6th April 2006

I felt I must write and tell you that my lovely Alice went over a main road into the park for the first time today and loved it. Tail was right up. She is still scared of the noise of cars etc. but we really have made a breakthrough.I was getting to feel she would spend the rest of her days in the garden. She was even afraid of going up our quiet crescent.

Alice in the park

Playing in the field

Reunited with her "puppies" at their first birthday party

Reunited with Lisa at the puppies first birthday party in 2006, how happy they both are...

13th April 2007

Alice is of course lovely as ever, I love her to bits. Her latest trick is, because I haven't got her new swimming pool yet, she tries to get into her water bowl, with absolutely disastrous results! Especially to the kitchen floor. It has never been so clean!

Alice and her mum at the 2007 IRR reunion

Sandra to get some more up-to-date pictures from Brenda

Sammy and Alice, I like it here!

3rd January 2008

Alice enjoyed her Christmas with great gusto. It doesn't seem possible I have only had her for 2 years. I can't remember being without her. She follows me everywhere when I am at home, except for upstairs where she never goes. Her idea, not ours!

Winter 2008

Alice and Sammy enjoying the snow - winter 2008. Click here to see the pictures.


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