Our Beautiful Girl has gone - 18 July 2013

With great sadness, Kate told us "Yesterday, my husband and I made one of the most
difficult decisions of our lives and said goodbye to our beautiful Cara. She was the most
laid back, gentle, patient dog and it was pure pleasure to have her in our lives. I still cannot
believe she has gone although I know we made the right decision and that she is at peace
now and pain free."

Everyone at IRR send their condolences and thanks to Kate and family for making sure that Cara had eight very happy years both here and in Canada.

Another special angel is now looking down on us from Rainbow Bridge.

Cara's History

CARA is a lovely middle aged lady who loves nothing more than being spoilt rotten. She now has a very happy home where she is always the centre of attention.


Hi, my name is Katie and we rescued the lovely Cara over 2 years ago,

and I wanted to give you an update......

Well, we are all living in Canada now and Cara loves it here.  We have made a new addition to the family by way of a puppy named Boomer who Cara absolutley adores - they get on so well. 
They both love the snow.

She is a different dog, I think Boomer has brought the puppy out in her.  We have only been here
for 5 months, but so far everything is going well - we came over for my husband's job. 

There was never any question whether or not we should bring Cara and our cat Moto - the only thing that was worrying me was the flight, but they both coped very well under the circumstances.  As soon as we got here they were making themselves very much at home.  There was no way I was gonna leave them behind - I sacrificed my car budget over here to pay for their flights!  And as it happens my husband works from home so the one car is actually enough.


Cara is still doing remarkably well for her age - we think she must be at least 13 now.

We had a little scare a short while ago as I found a lump on her which turned out to be a tumour. I was so scared for her and thought that maybe our time with her was up, but we had it removed and it turned out to be benign, the vet is hopeful that we will not have any further issues with it, and for an older dog she is doing really well.

We have added another member to our family too, Charlie our younger daughter was born in 2009, and she and Cara are the best of friends!


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