2002? - 8/7/2016


Kelly passed over Rainbow Bridge on Friday 8th July on the same day as Toby and Lizzie. There were
3 beautiful angels flying high together that day.

Ali and Kelly had 11 wonderful years together and we can never thank Ali enough for giving Kelly such
a wonderful Forever Home.

When Joy heard  the sad news she said "How those years have flown by!  I have treasured memories of
my gorgeous fosters from IRR. I will remember Kelly and her puppies forever. She was so petrified of
everyone and, if visitors came, she took refuge in her spot in the garden.  Poor little sweet girl". 

A heartbroken Ali said "Kelly was such a lovely girl. When she came over from Ireland she genuinely
didn't even know she was a dog. Fortunately for her, she went to Joy, such a kind, compassionate and
giving lady who, with her endless patience showed Kelly that humans weren't all bad.

Kelly then came to us where she had her puppyhood - she'd not had the chance before. She had a
lovely life, even if I say so myself, she did genuinely have a happy life. From a dog who was afraid of people
and was terrified of strangers she quite  quickly progressed to go to a dog who bounded across fields
just to meet complete strangers and this always made me think - job well done here!!

She was well travelled and regularly enjoyed holidays in France and, when my own world was turned
upside down 4 years ago, she was my constant, my mate, my lovely kind non judgemental ear to bend.

Kelly had surprised us all with her longevity. I really thought her life expectancy would be curtailed by the
terrible things which had been happened to them all on that puppy farm but she had grown old
disgracefully. Joy will recall that Kelly used to do a massive belch after every meal and she hadn't
gotten any more manners with age!  Proper ladette!! 

I have some videos taken just a month ago when Kelly is still fully enjoying her life and bouncing
about in the garden(albeit restrictedly as her legs weren't the best any more). 

We had had a bit of a chat a month ago as I knew her time was near. I asked her to let me know when it
was time. She put her paw on me and looked at me and I knew she understood what I was asking
her to do. It was only the last week or so that Kelly really deteriorated. She had taken a bit of a
fall last Saturday and had to be helped up. On Wednesday, she refused food (this was unknown in the
world of Kellyville). I knew then.

We had a chat again on Thursday night, after she had eaten a bit of chicken. She was very tired and I sat
with her. I asked her if it was time now and she raised her head, looked me in the eye and winked.
I swear to God, she winked at me. So then I knew.

On Friday, late afternoon, I sat with her and brushed her, she loved to be groomed, but always
managed to look raggy again about five minutes later! We went to go to the vets but her legs had
stopped working. My partner had to carry her to the car. She was comfortable and we stayed outside
the vets for a bit and I told her how much we all loved her and how we were glad she had come into our lives.

My partner then carried Kelly into the vets. I sat on the floor with her and held her head in my hands and
we just looked at each other and I talked to her and told her it would be ok.  I told her she should go
play with her big sister Goldie and they should chase rabbits and kites together.  

She had a very quick and peaceful passing from nothing more than old age and for that I am eternally grateful.
I'm convinced that I got the timing right as another day would have been one too many. As it was,
that very day, Friday, her legs stopped working anyway. But that doesn't make it any easier at all.

We also adopted Poppy (Tails of the Unexpected) in 2007 and she is missing her big sister now. 

She looks for Kelly but then seems to remember. I did get her to say goodbye to Kelly too before I
took her to the vets. I don't know if she understood but she does seem OK, a little bit clingy but it's hard
to tell with Pop as she's a bit unusual at times anyway. She always has been, it's just her way. She and Kelly
were the best of friends though and got on so well. 

Kelly and I had 11 fantastic years together and it was a privilege to have her. I'm devastated right now
but am glad she got to a good old age and didn't suffer and passed away peacefully with me talking to her
and reassuring her. No doubt, her companion Goldie, little boy Bouncer and friend Fable
will all be waiting for her.

I miss my beautiful golden girl so much and the loss is so so painful. I know everyone says it about
their dog but Kelly truly was a beautiful and amazing girl. To go from the really shabby start she had to
the fantastic friend she became is actually quite remarkable and I'll always be privileged that she came
into my life to enhance it. Thank you so much for her xx"



Back in 2005, as part of an ISPCA raid on an appalling puppy farm, Kelly and her tiny babies
(Regina's Bouncer and Rosa's Baby Kelly) arrived with Lilli , with Aine and her daughters Ciara and
and with Rooney, the sweet natured stud dog. Sadly, all but Baby Kelly and Lilli are already at the
Bridge where they will be waiting for Kelly and the others, for sure.

KELLY was very traumatised when she arrived at Joys house with her 2 little babies. With much tender, loving care, Joy brought her around and she now lives happily with her new family in Gloucestershire.
And Look at her THERE

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