Pam told us “This was one of Lilli’s last photos taken 3 days before she died.

 I adopted her when she was one of the eight dogs rescued after a raid on a puppy farm and given into
your care in 2005.

Sadly, on Friday 29th December, Lilli’s legs couldn’t carry her any longer. She was eating until the end, which
was calm and peaceful.

I tell myself she was so lucky having two walks a day no matter what the weather, lots of doggy friends and
plenty of love and affection - but no, I was truly the lucky one!

I could talk about Lilli for hours. She was my best friend, the love of my life and she knew she always came first.

My thanks are to Lilli, to Allyson and to all at IRR”.




Lilli was probably the least traumatised of the 8 dogs rescued. She had no babies unlike Aine and Kelly.


Pam says "Lilli came into our lives in October 2005, thanks to the IRR and my friend Allyson who had been fostering her.

Despite being from the ISPCA raid, she was the least traumatised of the bitches as she had not yet given birth to any babies of her own. She was a bouncy bundle, who loved playing football with my son, but her greatest delight was, and still is, discovering the woods where we walk every day. When we're out her re-call leaves a lot to be desired. The fox and rabbit holes are just too tempting, and all the training goes out of the window - but it's her time to enjoy - her trophies, so far, are squirrels,mice, rats and a toad that she spat out very quickly!

At home, however, she is quite different and Lilli is the most loving, obedient dog even to my very small grandchildren. I wouldn't be without her for the world.

Thanks again to Allyson and the IRR"

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