It was with great sadness that we heard about the passing of Holly and Prince but, really, we should be celebrating the amazingly long and happy lives they both had, thanks to Christine and family. It is wonderful to know that,
after such a rocky start to their lives, they found a family who truelly cherished them.

On 2 Apr 2014, Christine wrote to tell us "Both of our golden oldies are now sadly gone. Prince passed about a
month ago, at the age of 15 years and 3 months. Holly, who left us in 2010, lived to nearly 16 which was 
quite extraordinary given that, when she came to us at age 11yrs in 2005, I imagined we might get a year at most. 
Prince was a dear boy but in the end his back legs gave way and it was the kindest thing to do for him.
We have a good vet who comes to the house and Prince just went to sleep. 
We do, of course, still have the young and vigorous Arthur, our huge pale Golden Retriever, who we have had
since a tiny puppy and   who is the sixth Golden to have shared my life so far.  He is entirely a part of the family
and the happiness he has brought to our boys is considerable. 
Please know how grateful we are to Sandra for fostering our two golden oldies and for staying in contact
with us for all these years."

Sandra replied "They had such good lives with you and lived to a very ripe old age, thanks to your
love and care. I can still remember the day they went to stay with you!  It's good to know you have
Arthur as your house (and you) wouldn't be the same without a golden!!!  For sure, Arthur will look after
you now as only a Golden can."

HOLLY and PRINCE had to be rehomed when there was a bereavement in the family and a change of circumstances. They were fostered by Sandra in London and went on to live happily in Oxford.

 Holly and Prince are very well and happy after nearly two years with us.
Holly is an active old girl, Prince a big softie and we have just acquired Arthur, a naughty retriever pup of 9 weeks, who is keeping Prince on his toes by constantly chasing his tail. Now a three retriever family!

And this is young Arthur

It is amazing that Holly is still so frisky - she does a little jig every night at about 9pm when she wants a snack. Never thought we would have her so long.  Arthur is now nearly two and a very big boy - a really beautiful dog (he gets lots of admiring glances and has become very self conscious and affected about it all - holds his head in a narcissistic look-at-me type of way). We are having lots of building work done but the dogs are coping with the presence of builders.

www.dawgedogs.webs.com  (my son's website) has pictures of them!


It is hard to believe that Holly will turn 16 in May. This must be a good age for a Golden Retriever. She is a bit slower than she was but is still capable of breaking out into a run and has a good long walk each day with the boys (Arthur and Prince). The only drawback is a bit of nocturnal incontinence.


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