Nobody wanted to say the words but we all knew Ricky's time was approaching. He survived a scare at
Christmas and we were very aware that it would be weeks rather than months when his Aunty Sandra and
Aunty Pauline went to see him on 15th February for what would be the very last time.

Of course, Ricky's will was strong, it had to be to survive the ordeals of his early life and, as we knew
it would be, his  passing would be in Ricky's time and when he was ready with no real decision to be
made by his beloved mum, Julie.

When she took him to the vet, it was a repeat of the Christmas episode when he had gone downhill so fast.
She thought he was a goner then and had said her "goodbyes" but Ricky had other ideas so, after a couple 
of days on a drip, he had come home as right as ninepence. Assuming it would be the same again, Julie was
less anxious than before but, this time, Ricky would not be coming home.

An Xray showed he had a massive tumour so the decision was made. The vet said there was nothing more
to be done. They took Ricky out into the sunshine, which he loved so much, and he laid with Julie on the grass.
He lifted his head to acknowledge a passing cat (he liked cats) and licked Julie's face for the last time. He then 
rested his weary head on Julie's lap and he was gone. It was as peaceful and perfect as it could be. 

Julie was given some special time with him and Megan came to gently say her "goodbyes"

Farewell Ricky Boy. Your admirers were many and we will all miss you so much. Rainbow Bridge has a new
escape artist and liberty taker but it also has one lovable, very special and unique boy.



RICKY was surrendered to the pound after he had been run over and the owner found out the cost of an operation to amputate his leg. Thanks to the kindness of the vet nurses and so many wonderful people giving donations, Ricky had his operation and after his recovery was fostered with Molly by Sandra in London. He is now in a loving family living with his new found golden girlfriend, Megan, in Gloucestershire.


Many congratulations to Ricky who has come 2nd in the South West Heat of the RSPCA Rescue Dog of the Year 2007.
Here he is proudly showing of his Rosette !!!!  Ricky, you truly are a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How the mighty have fallen?  After all his success and exemplary behaviour in the RSPCA Rescue Dog of the Year 2007 competition and being awarded Best in Show at the 2009 Annual Reunion we are sorry to have to report that Ricky has now clearly descended into a life of partying and drunken debauchery.  He and Julie will be attending their first AA meeting at the 2010 Reunion.




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