Went to Rainbow Bridge 8.7.2016

Michelle and her daughters said “No one could of ever imagined the effect of such a dog as Toby,
could’ve had on so many lives. It was always an unforgettable welcome of bright eyes, joyful
bounding and a wagging tail, not to mention enough fur left on your clothes to create a whole new dog.

We, as a family, were always a little wary before getting Toby. It wasn't until we struck gold with Major,
our first goldie from Ireland that we decided to welcome another Golden Retriever into our lives.

As a 10 month old puppy he was already quite big, cheeky and dare I say, naughty but it didn't take long
for Toby to fit right in with the family. Even if he did decide to take a mud bath and turn both
himself and our fur-covered boot from golden, soft blond to wet, brown and laughable. 

We will always remember Toby at his best and can not thank you enough for bringing such a proud,
loyal big bundle of fur into our home. 

There was a time where he would run circles around you, would eat any food you put in front of him
and to call him adorable would be such an understatement. We couldn’t have asked for a better
companion and like to think of situations like him climbing on our sofa, and even on our kitchen table, as
healthy quirks. It seems he didn’t quite realise he wasn’t a lap dog! 

In all the years Toby was with us he has never left his food. This, among other things, was one of the few
signs of his deteriorating health. We were all heartbroken to hear that Toby had a lump in his stomach
that could possibly have been cancerous or even bleeding. 

As a 12-year-old dog, Toby had lived a long and happy life and, because he had started to
suffer with arthritis, we felt it unnecessary to put him through such a heavy operation. 

With plenty of cuddles and a few slices of ham, we were ready to make one of the hardest decisions
any person could possibly make.

We lost a member of the family that day and don't remember a time when he wasn't here.

"He is always going to be with us"- mainly because he had fur that was thick, blonde and impossible to
get off of anything, let alone black trousers. But also because, who could forget that lazy, lovable,
dopey dog who had a heart as big as his stomach and a tail that would wag for anyone.

Sure will miss having him to talk to”.



TOBY is a stunner. Kimba and Toby are mother and son who were surrendered to us because they were
supposed to have kept escaping. Toby never wants to escape from his new happy home.

�2016 Irish Retriever Rescue