VERY SAD NEWS 14 July 2013  
Nancy wrote to us with the very sad  news that Bella crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge this morning, at the grand old age of 15.  She was adored by
Nancy and Wally and she will be deeply missed.  

IRR can't thank them enough for all the hard work they put into Bella and for
changing her into the perfect, all American girl whom they loved so much.

Fly with the angels, dear Bella.




Nancy said, “We are settled into our new life here in Frankfurt and thought you would like an update on Bella. She has turned out to be one wonderful dog. She is very smart, and learns quickly. Although now a 'senior' dog at aged 10, she shows no signs of slowing down. She still loves going for long walks, and we have also found she loves to swim! There is a small park and duck pond near our apartment, and whenever possible, Bella loves to go to the park and always wants to go in the water. At first she would only wade out chest deep, but after a few times, found she loved swimming as well. It has been hard, the past two months, keeping her out of the water. She doesn't seem to understand that when the weather turns colder, it is not the time to swim.

When we first fostered Bella, she was not aware of what a ball was for. She has come to love balls of all sizes, even the large football size balls. She is good at fetching, but not at returning the ball. We are still working on that.

Bella makes friends wherever she goes. Everyone remarks on her colouring and wants to know what kind of dog she is. I have since learned that she is a cream-colored golden retriever. Although they are not rare, most people have never seen one. Her big brown eyes are what catches the attention of everyone she meets.

I really miss having a foster dog lying around. It was such fun, and we are talking about doing the same thing when we return to the United States either next summer or in 2010.


Nancy says "I have retired now and Wally and I are living in Inverness, Florida, USA. Bella has travelled with us and is now a Florida lass! She has started to slow down in her old age but still enjoys 1-2 long walks daily. She has a large fenced yard and seems very content.

I am sorry I am so far away, otherwise I would be calling you to start fostering again. We only have "The Bella" but may begin fostering for a Retriever group. I have also started volunteering with our local animal shelter, where I walk the large dogs twice a week and also assist with having their photos taken so they can be placed on a website for adoption."

We wish Nancy, Wally & Bella a long and happy retirement back in America.

2013 Irish Retriever Rescue