Gilly is a labrador X whose forever home was with Nigel and Belinda in Somerset. She was 2yrs when they adopted her in September 2006. She had been fostered with Fran and Andy in Derbyshire for 3 months and it was there that her strange habit of toe nibbling was discovered. 


Just a short note to let you know Gilly is fit and well and fitting in wonderfully well. She is full of fun and has really settled in now. She is still a frantic eater so we have to spread her food on a baking tray and watch her chase it round. She loves her tennis ball and even ignores treats just to chase it, she enjoys all her walks and knows how to nag when its time to go.

We are thrillled to bits with her and love her very much love Nige and Belin.


At the 2007 Reunion, Nigel said “  Gilly is a wonderful companion to our two other lovely dogs, Molly and Cleo, and has brought some real fun into our home. She is a very loving girl with lots of energy, and when she shows you the whites of her eyes it makes your heart melt. We all love her dearly and she is a major part of our family."

They went home with an armful of prizes which included one for being the "Happiest Worker" in the IRR First Timers Obedience class as well as being placed in the class. Her beautiful bright eyes and glossy black coat got her well placed in both the Shiniest Coat and Best Condition classes and she was an absolute credit to Nigel and Belinda in every way.


We knew that Gilly was poorly but were still all absolutely devastated to receive this message from Nigel:- 

"We are so sorry to have to say that poor Gilly lost her battle with cancer yesterday (7.4.2010). She fought as long as she could and lived as happily as she could until we couldn't see her struggling to cope any longer.  

She was a huge part of our family and we are finding it really difficult trying to cope without her. She gave us so much pleasure and enjoyed a great life until near the end. Gilly loved her food, her ball and her walks and, most of all, she loved us all. 

We will spill tears for her for ever and a day. Thankyou for finding her for us and looking after her for us to love. We will remember her forever and will cherish her memory. There could never be another like Gilly (Gill Gill)."

Our hearts go out to Nigel, Belinda, Molly, Cleo and all the family. Rainbow Bridge will be a fun place now Gilly has arrived.

MORE SAD NEWS 30.5.2010

Cleo, our 13yr old Lab, sadly become unwell during her walk this morning and was rushed to the vet where an x-ray showed that she had cancer in her lungs so she had to go to sleep straight away. Nigel and Belinda are devastated and spilling even more tears as it is so soon after Gilly. Cleo had had a very good life and was a wonderful girl who they loved very much.



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