SAM (formerly DYLAN)

2003? – 31.8.2016


Diana, Sam’s grieving Mum says “ Sam, formerly Dylan, came to me 10 years ago when you estimated
his age to be three years.

He settled down very quickly and was very happy when my young great grandchildren came to visit usually
nestling up to them if they were on the floor.

Sam was loved by everyone and gave me 10 years of pleasure. He was very trainable and I taught him to
do many new things.

Sadly Sam's heart gave out in November 2015 and, although my family and our wonderful vet did all they
could to keep him going, I had to make the decision to have him put to sleep.

On August 31st 2016, the vet came here and Sam spent his last minutes being cradled by my son
and watched by me.

Thank you IRR (and especially Lorraine who selected Sam for me) for all the happy years you have given me”.

�2017 Irish Retriever Rescue