Joan, who fostered Tom, told us that this lovely boy had gone to Rainbow Bridge. She and Brian have been in tears
since hearing the news which has hit them especially hard as they are still suffering the loss of their own boy, Josh,
who passed in February. They are taking comfort from knowing that Tom Tom had such a lovely life and was loved to bits.
He had been given nothing but the very best.  She remembers taking him to see his new family at their lovely home and, 
always the comedian, he buried the toy he was given. 

Sarah had said "I just wanted to let you know that Tom-Tom passed away yesterday (9.12.2013). He was suffering
terribly with liver cancer and the only fair decision was to put him to sleep. 

He was with my mum who has been caring for him (as if he were her child) since we went to Chicago in March.
Since then, I've been using Skype to see him and we were due to holiday with him over Christmas next week, but
sadly he was just too sick.

Thank you for choosing me to adopt him. He was an incredibly special boy and I'm so sad that he's gone.  
I loved him so much. I'm lucky that we knew each other and he had a wonderful life with us and my mum.  
Sorry I'm not emailing with happier news. The picture is of him on my mum's allotment from this Summer."

Joan said "  He was a great character as are all Goldens."

It was very sad for Sarah that she couldn't be there with him at the end but Josh would, undoubtedly, have been
there at the gates of Heaven, ready to greet him.

Sarah's words were "Tom touched so many people. He went everywhere with us and anyone that met him loved him.
He was larger than life.  I wasn't ready to say goodbye to him as he was only 10.5 years old. It feels very unfair.  
But I'm incredibly grateful that he was part of my life. He made me very very happy and I loved caring for him.
And so did my mum". 


Tom came to us from a good home In Ireland when his owners had a change of circumstances and could no longer look after him.


Tom is doing so well. He really is settling in now. He has put on lots of weight since the change of food and his coat is looking a lot thicker and healthier. He is even becoming well behaved off the lead, at last. He comes back and I have started venturing into woods and trusting that I wont lose him.


In September 2006, my husband and I decided it was time to extend the family and I quickly got in touch with IRR to see if they had any furry friends. Lorraine told me about the adorable Tom and within a week, we had our first meeting with his foster mummy Joan and within two weeks we were united. We really haven't looked back since. He is a truly special boy.

I have to say the first six months were tough. Tom-Tom had zero recall skills and it was difficult to let him off the lead other than the local park which was totally enclosed. He also seemed to burn up a lot of energy and was not putting on weight. He suffered separation anxiety and needed to have us in his sight at all times. Even putting him to bed downstairs proved difficult as he would cry for us and I'd end up sleeping on his bed until he fell asleep!

Luckily things are different now. It has taken lots of patience and money but it has been worth it. I think a lot of his problems were just from the upheaval he must have experienced in his puppyhood and it has just taken time for him to feel secure.

The changes started when I signed us up for gundog training. Once a week, we went to a local farm and joined a group, teaching junior doggies. It's been fantastic fun teaching him to come to the whistle and collect dummies on command. The interaction really helped us bond.

Tom-Tom still can't be left alone for long, but I think that's partly because we haven't practiced it enough. We always like him with us. ‘Meals for two' have become ‘meals for three' and we have discovered every pub/restaurant which allows dogs. We upgraded our bed from a double to a super king. My husband insisted it is for the benefit of our sleep, but Tom-Tom thinks the extra room is great!

He has really enhanced our lives and he is so precious to us. He has the kindest nature and everyone that meets him, falls in love with him. Here is his profile to give you an insight into our furbaby:

Name: Tom-Tom
Age: about 3 years old
Home: Surbiton, Surrey
Bestfriend: Sydney (a Hungarian Visla doggie)
Favourite food: Ice-cream and liver cake
Favourite toy: a cuddly toy called Simba from The Lion King
Favourite daytime activity: charging round the woods, gundog training and swimming
Favourite evening activity: curling up in a ball on my lap and watching Eastenders
Likes: Tummy rubs and humping strangers
Dislikes: cats, squirrels, rabbits, boxers and black poodles
Most naughty behaviour: stealing and eating half the turkey on Christmas day

By Sarah (Tom-Tom's proud mummy)

2014 Irish Retriever Rescue UK