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I would like to say a very special thank you to a very special lady -
Pauline, who yet again exceeded herself in her organisational skills. She
worked so hard and long into many a night organising what turned out to be a
fantastic day. Well done you!!!!! Pauline also worked so hard on Saturday
that she didn't really have the time to enjoy it and meet a lot of the
people and dogs. We'll have to relieve you of the job of M.C next year, so
that you have more time.

She was, of course assisted by Lynne who is another special lady and who
helps so many IRR dogs and new owners to lead a healthy happy life. A big
thank you Lynne.

Two unsung heros also deserve a special mention - Stephen and Ian, Pauline
and Lynne's other halves. Stephen worked tirelessly at setting up the
rings, caravans, tents, port-a-loos etc., whilst Ian had the thankless task
of cheuferring myself, Fiona and Janice around the Somerset countryside and
taking our cheek into the bargain. My sides are still hurting from all the
laughing we did. Thank you to you both.

Thanks to Ali for my "special" record and to Jackie who cried with me whilst
we listened to it - it was lovely and very, very special.

Belinda and Terry, you did a great job with my christmas and thank you
cards, they're absolutely lovely. Thank you for all you do for IRR..

A HUGE THANK YOU to Lorraine, Pauline and Joy who quite literally saved my
life and to all the contacts they have made that now make up the IRR team -
what a great bunch you are.

It was lovely to see old friends and meet some new ones - and cry and laugh
with you all. On the days I want to give it all up, I shall look back on
Satuirday and remember why we do it.

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year.




Our Annual Reunion Dog Show was held on Saturday 15th September 2007 at Bury View Farm & Camping Site, Corston Fields, Nr Bath. Several campers stayed the whole weekend with tents, motorhomes and caravans and  the van selling refreshments, which included breakfast for the campers and early arrivals, was a huge hit. The same lovely venue and caterers have already been booked for next year.
We want to say a big thankyou to you all for being responsible with your dogs and keeping the venue clean and tidy. Sallie, the site owner, said "Jim and I were  very pleased with the respect and consideration that you all  showed to us and our site. Lots of people have asked us if you are going to do it again, those that didn`t come this year, really should do next time". This was something to be proud of as there were somewhere in the region of 200 dogs present and almost all of them were rescue dogs. 
The weather was absolutely brilliant, if anything too hot, and everything went reasonably well with only a few minor hiccups. First all the photos for the Photographic competition were judged, which was a mammoth task. Thankyou to our Irish judges Fiona Squibb (ISPCA inspector) and Janice Moran who spent much of the day in tears (of joy) seeing the dogs that they had personally  rescued looking so well and happy. Also thanks to Canine Health Concern members, Christine Wyn Thomas (Dogs on Holiday) and Maxine Julius (film producer) for, once again, giving your time to us so willingly when neither of you are really “into” our breed and for both being happy to help us whenever we need it.
The obedience started at 10am, judged by Heather Harley, Pippa Bentham, Sharon Arnold and Pearl Bray and continued throughout  the day. Thank you all for so willingly helping our very nervous competitors to feel at ease and to enjoy their day so much. The rings were all supplied for us again this year by Anne and Alan so a big thank you to them both. Thankyou to Alan, who had to miss part of an important match, in order to deliver the ropes etc to us in good time for setting them up and thank you to Anne, who had to make a huge effort to get to the Reunion this year because of Alastair's poor health. We hope he will be well again very soon.
Throughtout the morning we also had the talks in the Think Tank by Sarah Cullen..........Canine Nutrition,  Pippa Bentham.......Canine Massage, Marney Wells.........First Aid & Aloe Vera for your dog, Pea Horsley.........Animal Communication and Lynne Jones.........Flower essences.  Thankyou to you all for giving your time and being so willing to share your knowledge with everyone.
The first Novelty Classes took place at 11am judged by Liz D'Arcy & Denise Cribb. Thankyou both for your time and for your friendliness to all our competitors.
This was followed by the very popular talk on Clicker Training (with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier) by Marney Wells in the Main Ring. Everyone very much enjoyed this and, for sure, will have learned a great deal.
Then the very emotional, but brilliant, Parade of our Rescue Dogs took place. It was wonderful to see so many of our dogs, some who had been through horrendous ordeals, looking healthy and very, very happy. Thankyou all for helping to make the day so special.
Very much behind schedule came the remainder of the Novelty Classes judged by Angela Callow (Cassatess golden retrievers). Thankyou, Angela for your patience, friendliness to competitors and for taking the time to judge at our little show.
Finally Best in Show and Reserve Best in show were judged by PAT ARNOLD (Amberland golden retrievers) from IRR only dogs in best condition, IRR only bitches in best condition, dogs/bitches in best condition aged 5yrs and under, dogs / bitches in best condition over 5yrs, veteran dogs/bitches (aged 7yrs to 10yrs) and veteran dogs/bitches aged 10yrs and over. A huge thankyou to Pat, a top Championship show judge and golden retriever breed specialist for giving your valuable time to us.
There wasn't a dry eye in the place when our very own Mr Wonderful, the everso special rescued golden retriever, STEVIE, owned and adored by Alison Phipps, went Best in Show with Guy, the Veteran flatcoat, owned by Jan Worsley,  being the Reserve Best in Show.
The Sponsor a Dog (S.A.D) Tent was very popular, with people meeting their sponsor dogs and new people coming forward to sponsor dogs. Thankyou to Kaz and Jackie for all their work with this, both at the show and through out the year. Thanks also to Ron and Luke and all the owners of the sponsor dogs who happily allowed their dogs to meet their adoring public, with all dogs behaving impeccably so thankyou Alison, Amy, Brenda, Denise, Jan, Julie, Kaz, Lynne, Regina, Steve & Tracey. It was such a pity that Sally and Jimmy and Lorna with Zena couldn't make it too.
The Photo Comp tent was also a big hit with all the wonderful photos on view. Many thanks to Belinda and Terry who organised it all and who are also responsible for much of the merchandise (S.A.D and personal calendars etc) that we have to offer. Huge thankyous to you both for everything.
The tannoy was constructed for us by Nick.  His wife, Ali, cut a very special Country and Western type CD, just for us, which is still available to buy, so big thank yous to them both.
Wendy, with daughter in law, Renata, was selling her produce (cards, bookmarks, prints etc etc) and has worked tirelessly throughout the whole year twisting the arms of companies to donate prizes to us. Most of the lovely Photo Comp prizes are the direct result of her endeavours.
Thanks to Julie and family for doing the cake stall, organising a tombola and also doing Guess the Name of the Teddy. Also many thanks to Julia, a lady I met a few weeks before in  a shop and got chatting to, like you do.  She ran our White elephant stall all morning before Regina took on the afternoon stint.
A very big thankyou to Maggie & Ray for totally organising the raffle, where top prize was a day trip for up to 9 people on a P & O ferry and also for taking on the hugely difficult job of taking entries for the first part of the day until Gill and Lindsay, Shelley and Kay could take over from you. Many thanks to all of you for stepping in so ably at the very last minute as a favour to Lynne. You were little stars.
Thanks to Jean who was in charge of all handing out the ring cards for the Parade of Rescues and Entries in Advance and to Margaret, who manage to rehome all the teddies from the Teddy Bear’s Picnic stall. Lynne, of course, lovingly collected every single teddy and was my number 2 girl in organizing the whole show from day one. Thankyou soooo much.
Thankyou to Denise and Phil for running the Bottle Stall for us and for sharing the wonderful Pudsey with all his fans at the S.A.D. tent.
Thank you to Frances (eBay Seller: frances3585 - Fabric, Pet Supplies items on for raffling the most wonderful hand made doggy quilt. The lucky winner was our own dear Regina who was over the moon with it. Your beds were wonderful and must have taken hours and hours of work to produce.
Thankyou to Sandra for manning the CHC stall and sharing your knowledge of the health problems caused by over-vaccination with anyone who showed an interest.
Also a big thankyou to Pea Horsley for using your healing and animal communication skills as and when needed. Also to Dawn Minall for also using your healing skills and flower essences and to Sue and Ralph for bringing all your wonderful crystals etc for sale. Also to Caroline for bringing all your lovely flowers all the way from Devon to help support us. 
Many people doubled up on jobs taking turns at doing all sorts of things including taking money at the gate so thankyou Maxine, Pam, Val and Andy. Andy also ably ran the Fun & Games with help from Tony & Luke whilst Pam was able to use her healing skills and Maxine was one of our judges.
A big thankyou, of course, to Lorraine for organizing all the lovely 1st prize goody bags for the competiton winners, the beautiful hand painted bowls for the top prize winners and many of the other prizes aswell. Also for cleverly finding the green shamrock bunting and little bits and pieces that helped to make it all extra special. Also, with Jan, thankyou for running the microchipping stall and for running around where needed whenever Lynne and I (Pauline) were already spoken for.
All in all it was a brilliant day and was all over far too quickly. My biggest regret was not being able to speak personally to everyone and to meet all the lovely dogs individually and spend some time with each and every one of them.
Finally a mega huge thankyou to Sandie without whom none of this would have ever happened. With IRR dogs alone, hundreds owe their lives to you and this is not to mention all the other rescues who you help whenever needed. You must have got through dozens of boxes of tissues throughout the day but all your tears were of sheer joy. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude and be sure we all love you to bits.

 There were three classes for IRR dogs only and three that were open to ALL dogs. Unfortunately, all but classes one and two had very poor entries, which was disappointing for the two judges and the competitors who did enter their classes.
In classes 1, 2, 3 & 4 motivation using toys was quite acceptable. We wanted to see loads of happy waggy tails, which we did so well done everyone.
Rosettes for the Obedience classes were  very kindly sponsored by Murphy and Hovis (and Sheena and Jim) Brown in Forsinard, Scotland and Chris Cray (Klansted boxers), Radstock.
There was a prize in each class for the HAPPIEST WORKER in memory of BARNEY JEFFEREY, a very clever and very special golden retriever.
1. IRR FIRST TIMERS      Judge Heather Harley (Warwickshire)
For IRR dogs  only who have never taken part in any obedience competition
Heelwork on lead    40 points
Recall on lead (no sit or finish)    30 points
30 sec sit or down stay done alone on lead    30 points

1 Derek Fucher & Bailey (Gold Ret) 97/100
2 Liz Perkin & Ollie (Gold Ret) 94 /100
3 Tammy Inkpen & Bonnie (LAB) 89/100
4 Lori Sauer & Freya (Retriever X) 87/100
5 Anne-Marie Hoppitt & Rory (Gold Ret) 86/100
6 Bob Warwick & Ivan (Retriever X) 86/100
7 Nigel Dracup & Gilly (LAB X) and HAPPIEST WORKER 85/100
7 Jackie Adams & Neilan Reaston (Gold Ret) 85/100
7 Bridget Kossakowski & Elmo (Gold Ret) 85/100

2. STARTING OUTERS    Judge Pippa Bentham (Somerset)
For ANY dogs who have never won any prize in any obedience competition.
Heel on lead    40 points
Recall on lead (sit but no finish)   30 points
30 sec down done alone on lead    30 points

1 Tammy Inkpen & Annie (LAB) 99/100
2 Cath Moore & Blue (LAB) 99 /100
3 Sue Ellis & Chance (Retriever X) 89/100
4 Ali Green & Faith (Lurcher) 98/100
5 Tammy Inkpen & Bonnie (LAB) and HAPPIEST WORKER 96/100
6 Sarah Dyer & Tia (Rottweiler) 94/100
7 Val Dagger & Ellie (GSD) 93/100
8 Patsy Ferry & Molly (Crossbreed) 93/100
9 Bryony Hyde & Finlay (Pointer X) 92/100
10 Julie Paginton & Raph (Crossbreed) 90/100
10 Mary Tout & Bridie (Gold Ret) 90/100
10 Heather Harley & Tara (Flatcoat) 90/100

3. TRYING HARDERS    Judge Sharon Arnold (Somerset)
For IRR dogs only who have never won a first prize in any obedience competition
Heel on lead    40 points
Recall off lead (sit and finish)    30 points
1 min down done alone off lead    30 points
1 Sue Ellis & Chance (Retriever X) and HAPPIEST WORKER
2 Nick Green & Emma (Gold Ret)
3 Karen Burdett & Molly (Gold Ret)

4. TROTTING ALONGERS    Judge Sharon Arnold (Somerset)
For ANY dogs who have never won a prize for obedience at an Open or Championship Show
Heel on lead    40 points
Recall off lead (sit and finish)    20 points
Retrieve (handler's article / dumbell / dummy)    20 points
1 min sit done alone off lead    20 points
1 Cath Moore & Blue (LAB)
2 Sue Ellis & Chance (Retriever X)
3 Shelley Jennings & Cassie (WSD)
4 Julie Paginton & Raph (Crossbreed)
5 Kay Jennings & Kieri (Border collie) and HAPPIEST WORKER
6 Mary Tout & Bridie (Gold Ret)
7 Julie Paginton & Raz (Crossbreed)
8 Bev Samways & Angel (Border collie)

5. IRR IMPROVERS    Judge Pearl Bray (Dorset)
For any IRR dog, no matter how smart he / she is.
Heel on lead    20 points
Heel free    20 points
Novice Recall off lead (sit and Finish)    20 points
Retrieve (handlers article or dumbell)    20 points
2 min down (done in a group at 1-30pm)    20 points
1 Sue Ellis & Chance (Retriever X) and HAPPIEST WORKER

6. CLEVER CLOGS    Judge Pearl Bray (Dorset)
Open to ALL DOGS even those who have competed at top level
Heel free    40 points
Scent (to be done at 1-45pm)    50 points
A recall    20 points
Retrieve (Judge's article)    20 points
2 min sit (done in a group at 1.40 pm)    20 points
1 Joan Milford & Josh (Gold Ret)
2 Mary Tout & Bridie (Gold Ret)
3 Julie Paginton & Raph (Crossbreed)
4 Julie Paginton & Raz (Crossbreed)
5 Bev Samways & Angel (Border collie) and HAPPIEST WORKER

  BEST Irish Retriever Rescue  OBEDIENCE DOG……………CHANCE ELLIS

BEST OBEDIENCE DOG AWARD for CHANCE and a delighted SUE ELLIS (middle) presented by SANDIE and PAULINE

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Judges Liz D'Arcy & Denise Cribb
1 Sue Ellis & Chance (Retriever X)
2 Bryony Hyde & Finlay (Pointer X)
3 Julie Paginton & Raph (Crossbreed)
4 Jackie Adams & Neilan (Gold Ret)
5 Joan Milford & Josh (Gold Ret)
6 Kaz Burdett & Molly (Gold Ret)


CLASS 8 - BEST 5 or 6 LEGS
1 Julie Granger & Ricky (Retriever X)
2 Kaz Burdett & Kerry (Gold Ret)
3 Nigel Hoppitt & Rupert (Gold Ret)
4 Kay Jennings & Keiri (Border collie)
5 Bryony Hyde & Finlay (Pointer X)
6 Kaz Burdett & Molly (Gold Ret)


1 Alison Phipps & Stevie (Gold Ret)
2 Ray Long & Samson (Gold Ret)
3 Sandie Bissett & Danny Jefferey (Gold Ret)
4 Di James & Dazzle (Samoyed X Lab)
5 Gwen Flynn & Casey (Gold Ret)
6 Sue Ellis & Chance (Retriever X)


1 Sonia Woodall & Millie (LAB)
2 Ali Green & Emma (Gold Ret)
3 Sarah Dyer & Tia (Rott)
4 Sue Butler-Spice & Holly (Gold Ret)
5 Sue Butler-Spice & Millie (Gold Ret)
6 Nigel Dracup & Gilly (Lab X)

1 Pat Arnold & Tinke (Gold Ret)
2 Nigel Bentley & Luke (Flatcoat)
3 Mary Haines & Beaulah (Flatcoat)
4 Bob Warwick & Bonney (Gold Ret)
5 Tracey Reader-Hoer & Cleo (Gold Ret)
6 Carole Gray & Harvey (Gold Ret)

1 Julie Paginton & Raz (Crossbreed)
2 Sonia Woodall & Millie (LAB)
3 Nigel Dracup & Gilly (Lab X)
4 Julie Paginton & Raph (Crossbreed)
5 Leah Kelly & Dollar (Newfoundland)
6 Anne Tuck & Bella (Flatcoat)
7 Wendy Waygood & Honey (Gold Ret)


1 Kaz Burdett & Molly (Gold Ret) & Kerry (Gold Ret)
2 Julie Paginton & Raz (Crossbreed)
3 Nick Green & Emma (Gold Ret)
4 Mary Tout & Brydee (Gold Ret)
5 Ali Green & Faith (Lurcher)
6 Maggie Long & Daisy (Gold Ret)

Judge Angela Callow (Cassatess golden retrievers)
1 Anita Leggett & Toby (Gold Ret)
2 Lynne Jones & Lola (Gold Ret)
3 Liz Perkin & Ollie (Gold Ret)
4 Maggie Long & Daisy (Gold Ret)
5 Nigel Dracup & Gilly (Lab X)
6 Tracey Reader-Hoer & Digby (Gold Ret)

CLASS 15 - DOG/BITCH IN BEST CONDITION aged 5 years and under
1 Lynne Jones & Lola (Gold Ret)
2 Sarah Dyer & Tia (Rottie)
3 Anne Tuck & Bella (Flatcoat)
4 Leah Kelly & Buster (Newfoundland)
5 Kelly Smalley & Jet (Collie X)
6 Julie Paginton & Raph (Crossbreed)

CLASS 16 - DOG/BITCH IN BEST CONDITION aged over 5 years
1 Louise Davis & Guy (Flatcoat)
2 Lynne Jones & Jilly May (Bernese MD)
3 Anne Tuck & Arnie (Gold Ret)
4 Kate Morgan & Dawn (Gold Ret)
5 Leah Kelly & Buddy (Gold Ret)
6 Leah Kelly & Disni (Gold Ret)

1 Mo Morris & Tom (Poodle)
2 Kay Jennings & Willow (Border Collie)
3 Mary Tout & Brydee (Gold Ret)
4 Anita Leggett & Toby (Gold Ret)
5 Kaz Burdett & Kerry (Gold Ret)
6 Julie Granger & Megan (Gold Ret)


CLASS 18 - BEST VETERAN DOG/BITCH (7years to 10 years)
1 Lynne Jones & Jilly May (Bernese MD)
2 Leah Kelly & Buddy (Gold Ret)
3 Christine Astor & Twinkle (Gold Ret)
4 Nicola Dark & Treacle (Gold Ret)


CLASS 19 - BEST VETERAN DOG/BITCH (10 years and over)
1 Kay Jennings & Kiri (BC)
2 Anne Tuck & Arnie (Gold Ret)
3 Nigel Bentley & Luke (Flatcoat)
4 Shelley Jennings & Cassie (WSD)
5 Pam Morris & Casey (Gold Ret)


CLASS 20 - BEST BRACE (pair of dogs)
1 Sam & Beaulah Bentley(Flatcoats)
2 Dollar & Buster Kelly (Newfoundlands)
3 Kiri & Willow Jennings (Border Collies)
4 Raph & Raz Paginton(Crossbreeds)
5 Dazzle & Penny James (Samoyed X and Gold Ret)
6 Kerry & Honey Waygood (Golden Retrievers)

BEST IN SHOW was judged by PAT ARNOLD (Amberland golden retrievers) from classes 9,10, 15, 16, 18 & 19.

  IRR DOG in Best Condition: Alison Phipps & Stevie (GR)
  IRR BITCH in Best Condition: Ali Green & Emma (GR)
  DOG/BITCH in Best Condition aged 5yrs and under: Lynne Jones & Lola (GR)
  DOG/BITCH in Best Condition aged over 5yrs: Louise Davis & Guy (Flatcoat)
  BEST VETERAN DOG/BITCH (7yrs to10yrs): Lynne Jones & Jilly May (BMD)
  BEST VETERAN DOG / BITCH (10yrs and over):  Kay Jennings & Kiri (BC)
BEST IN SHOW………………. Alison Phipps & Stevie
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW…  Louise Davis & Guy (Flatcoat)

A rather shy BEST IN SHOW winner STEVIE with (L to R) SANDIE, mum ALISON, JANICE, FIONA and TOM (who clearly adores Stevie)

Alison says "Stevie loves his prizes from the Reunion - he had been refusing to jump into the car but the 'Best in Show' biscuit has proved so tasty he will jump in now to receive a piece of it (so thank you for that!)  The water bowl is also great as it is such a good size and so sturdy that Stevie can't accidentally knock it over."
 "Stevie is fed on BURNS so he was also, of course, absolutely delighted with his winner's bag".




View the winners and their photos


Irish Retriever Rescue would like to say a huge thankyou to John Burns and Burns Pet Nutrition for, once again, giving us a very generous donation which is helping us to pay for the venue for our Reunion. We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support.

Also , a big THANK YOU to all the companies and individuals who have kindly donated raffle and competition prizes

Carol Carbin professional portrait for the Photo Comp winner

Frances Bridle  eBay Seller: frances3585: Fabric, Pet Supplies items on Handmade quilt

Petlife International Dog Ramp

Kudos Pet Products Dog Bed

Waggers Dog Bed

Naturediet Food packs

Dorwest Herbs Vouchers

Multigerm (UK) Enterprises Ltd. Vouchers

Fish4Dogs Starter Packs

Company of Animals Treats and other items

Peasbridge S.S. Ltd. Shampoos etc

Barker & Barker Show Packs

Hellenia Health Foods Various health items

Burns Pet Nutrition Food and treats
Dogs Today One year's subscription to the magazine

Your Dog  6 months subscription to their magazine. 
Dog Training Weekly Book of Photographs
Grammas  Hamper
Johnsons Veterinary Products Various products 

Pet Shop Online Dog bed    

Belinda and Terry McAvoy...................  Sponsor a Dog calendars and notebooks etc

Wendy Waygood.....................................Cards, notelets, bookmarks etc

Julie Granger...........................................Raffle prizes galore

Mike and Liz Board................................ Pens

Murphy Brown and family...................... Rosettes for the Obedience classes

Chris Cray (Klansted boxers)................. Rosettes for the Obedience classes

Lynne Lazenby and Phoenix   ................ Puppy bed, lead etc

Roz Martin.......... a voucher for £20.00 for complementary treatments
(reflexology, Indian H M etc.)

Dennis Palmer..........Tammy's Pet Foods, Radstock.................£40 food voucher 

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