Yesterday, another much loved IRR boy gained his wings:-(
Zach was adopted by a dear, dear friend of mine along with his brother Burt 10 years ago. They were known as
the Belfast boys before they made the journey to the UK but were very soon renamed the elephants!

Jan collected them from transport to foster and I received a call at 4am from her asking why I'd not told her
that we'd branched out into elephant rescue... she couldn't get them in the car!!

They were 4yrs & 3yrs old but grossly overweight. Zach weighed an enormous 62kgs and his brother, with
name slightly changed to Bert, was 51kgs!

Jan agreed to foster them longer term in order to get their weight under control but, within weeks, it was clear
this wouldn't just be foster but would be their forever home.

Jan's boot camp saw Zach lose over 25kgs but the damage had already been done and Zach was suffering with
his knees. Every vet that saw Zach, including specialists, said he would not make old bones! Well, Zach was
only 4 days off his 15th birthday!

ZACH and BURT came from a loving home in Belfast. They were surrendered to us because, due
to unavoidable circumstances, their owner could no longer look after them properly.

They have very good pedigrees and are 4yrs and 3yrs old respectively, although their weight does makes them look older at the moment.

Despite having had a series of strokes, he still made it to the 2017 Reunion”.

Lorraine continues “ I've rehomed over 1000 dogs and I'm not ashamed to say, Zach was my favourite. He was
everything a Golden should be and more.

I will miss him dearly. My thoughts are with Jan and his brother Bert. He had the very best family and the very best life.

Bye bye Zachy... you showed those vets.

Your friends, Darcy, Sammy, Guy and the monster will look after you now xx"


Jan, their fosterer, says Zach and Burt are both lovely natured dogs and extremely handsome. They are extremely
happy, friendly dogs that really love people and both dogs seem to be house-trained. The younger pale dog
Burt has been a little growly with my black Flat-coat (a complete male), but nothing too serious.

Unfortunately both these dogs are extremely overweight, especially Zach. Both dogs have very thick heavy outdoor coats, and Zach especially is extremely matted especially underneath and around his tail. The mats are even bigger than my hand and just like really thick cotton wool pads so these will need to be cut out at some point. I have now given them both a bath. Zach has an extremely unusual dark long coat with very large beautiful curls whilst Burt is very pale.

With a strict exercise and diet regime put in place these 2 incredible dogs will make wonderful pets for a family - I really wish I could keep them forever.

Update on Zach and Bertie

Well, of course, Jan could not resist them and adopted them both herself. Take a look at them now. They are getting more and more slim and handsome and have become Sponsor Dogs to try to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Zach at Hydrotherapy

Here is Zach on his 1st Hydro session. He loved it and looks so relaxed. Bert was not so keen and panicked. Just as well it was that way round as Zach is the one that still needs to lose quite a bit of weight.

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