Betty now BONNIE (6yrs) and her daughter Becca now BECKY (4yrs) are both adorable ex-puppy farm breeding bitches originally rescued by Many Tears in Wales.


It is with great sadness that we heard about Bonnie and Becky. They were wonderful dogs
who had the worst ever start but thanks to the love and care of their fosterer, Sandra, and
then having their wonderful 6 years with Rosie and family, they became healthy,
happy and whole again.

In Sandra's words "They were such sweet gentle girls and had such a loving home. They had the best."

On 9.10.2013, Rosie told us "  It is with deep regret that I have to tell you that the girls have gone over to Rainbow Bridge. Bonnie had very bad muscle wastage and couldn't get up towards the end, it had got worse lately and it was not very nice to see her keep falling over.  Becky refused her dinner a few days ago, for the first time ever, and she began gasping for breath and coughing even when lying down. It came on very quickly. When the vet came out he said that there was nothing he could do and it would be kinder to do the dreaded thing."

We believe Becky knew it was Bonnie's time and that she made her decision for them never to be parted and to stay with each other forever. They now have a lovely spot together, as they wanted to be, in the place where they were so very happy.

Rosie and Bob are gutted and have been breaking their hearts over it. Although they know they have done the right thing by them, it doesn't help them much at the moment.They are finding the loss of the girls almost impossible to bear but we hope they can take some comfort from them being together as always. We know, eventually, the heart wrenching ache will be replaced by the thoughts of all the really good times that they shared.You did the right thing, the only thing that was the best for them. To the end, you put them first which is the most loving thing any of us can do.

Fly with the angels, lovely girls.

Bonnie and Becky's Story

Sandra very successfully rehabilitated them and, as you can see, fell in love with them.

Update 21/01/07 - Sandra, their foster mum, reported: The girls are doing well. They are very sweet and gentle. I could easily keep them! They are finding their routine and love home life, they get spoiled of course. They sleep a lot, which is what they need after all the stresses they have been through. They are slowly learning that going for a walk is fun, and they are good on the lead surprisingly, as they clearly have never been for walkies before. They both LOVE their food. In fact, mum is a right food thief and a few times each day, she is going around the house to see if there is anything edible. Becky is still scared sometimes, but she is so much better than when she first arrived. Sometimes Bonnie likes to bring in one or both of my shoes and then leaves them in the middle of the room. She is so cute. Any visitors are greeted with friendliness and gentleness and waggy tails. Becky, at first, needs to get used to new people but then she is fine. They are ready to go to the right forever home, together.

Update 11/02/07
BONNIE and BECKY now have the most wonderful home in Northampton. Here they are meeting their new mum and their new golden retriever brother, Gus.

They are very much loved in their new home and, as a tribute to them,
this beautiful poem was written.

Through the Eyes of a Puppy Farm Dog

My body is trembling with cold and fear
the ground beneath me hard stone,
my bones protrude from my body
I have never felt so alone.
As I slowly raise my head up
and look at the filth I'm in,
any hope that I once had
is disappearing from deep within.
Being trapped in a tiny cage
24 hours a day,
I lay in my own excrement
my skin is black and grey.
Any hair that I have left
is matted and stuck to my skin,
I have no choice but to live like this
I am so weak and thin.
Sometimes you offer me a titbit
and call me to come to you,
I refuse out of sheer terror
because you'll beat me black and blue.
You only want to breed from me
so you'll be stinking rich,
not giving a damn about me
because I'm just a breeding bitch.
If I'm lucky I get some scraps
which I eat as quickly as I can,
scared you'll take it away from me
I've learned to never trust a man.
Why do you treat me so cruel
when I'm such a gentle breed,
is money really so important
that you abuse me for your greed?
I have feelings too
and a heart, spirit and soul,
I am so desperately unhappy
stuck in this dark depressing hole.
I've had so many babies for you
which you will sell for cash,
when they're barely eight weeks old
you remove them in a flash.
My heart breaks in pieces
knowing I'll never see them again,
you men are so heartless
you'll never understand my pain.
Because pain is what I go through
each and every day,
not only from losing my babies
but the punches you throw my way.
Hands or sticks it makes no odds
when you beat my body of its breath,
how I wish I could close my eyes
because I would welcome death.
It's not just me that lives like this
hundreds more share this fate,
how I long for someone to rescue us
before it is just too late.
I long for a home I can call my own
and for a family who will love me,
to show me warmth and lots of love
is where I long to be.
I promise I'd be very good
I won't piddle on your floor,
when I need to do my business
I'll wait patiently by your door.
I promise to keep intruders at bay
I'll scare them off with a bark,
all I'm really asking for is some food
and a stroll in the park.
I'd love to have my tummy tickled
and a scratch behind my ear,
with lots of love and patience
I will gradually lose my fear.
And when we go for walkies
I will be as good as gold,
so happy to be free at last
far away from pain and cold.
I'll return your love and kindness
in the way us dogs know best,
I'll be your faithful companion
I will be your perfect guest.

Rebecca Brown - 22 February 2007

UPDATE 21/02/07
Bonnie and Becky love their new life in the country side. They have settled in really well in their forever home, and get fussed over and brushed and loved by everyone in the family. They go for long walks each day in the woods and the deer park, sniffing, heads held high, tails wagging until they almost fall off. Then they run around in the garden all day long. They think Gus is rather dishy and borrow his toys all the time. They get on well with the chickens and the two cats. They are still a bit scared of the horses though. Their mum, Rosie, says that they seem to have springs attached to their feet, like Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout, as they pounce and bounce and frollick and play and smile and woof with happiness. Their new family says that they have brought so much joy and pleasure to the family. It cannot get better than that.

UPDATE 30/07/07
Click here to watch a short video

Bonnie and Becky have been a great comfort to the family after the very sad loss of their beloved golden boy, Gus. It is never easy to have to say "goodbye" and our hearts go out to you all.


The picture is of us after we had our Christmas dinner. We were feeling a little full up and bloated, mummy keeps telling us we should join slimming world in the new year, but the wood burner is very comforting to lay by after a big meal.

We didn't realise this but mummy told us today we have been here nearly three years! It has gone very fast! Anyway we must sign off now, have to go to the woods to see what's about .

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you

lots of love Becky and Bonnie XXXXXXX


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