Sadly, Maggie and Ray lost Daisy suddenly on the 13th November. They had been to
the vets that day as her breathing was not very good. Daisy had an enlarged heart
but she had been fine on medication. When they saw the vet that day, it was also
found she had fluid on her lungs so he gave her some more tablets and Maggie gave
them to her when they got home.

Unfortunately, Daisy took a turn for the worst later on and collapsed in their lounge.
They never made the 10 minute trip to the emergency vet as she died in the car
on the way there.

Maggie says “Daisy was a much loved dog. There wasn't a nasty bone in her body, she
was so gentle and the perfect dog in every way.

She was a much travelled dog as she always came on holidays with us. She loved her
caravan holidays in her younger days when 10 to 13 miles walks were a stroll in the park to her.

I was always proud of her. She even had a bit in a book written about her and was front
page on a calendar.

When we first had Daisy she wiped the floor at the  Southern Retriever Rescue Show
winning so many rosettes and beating  all the dogs from Southern Retriever Rescue.

The last prize she won was in the 2014 IRR show in the Irish Eyes Are Smiling class. Daisy
had such beautiful eyes.

She came to us in March 2007 and left us in November 2017.

Daisy will now be at Rainbow Bridge with Naughty Charlie Girl also an IRR dog.

RIP sweetheart. We will all meet again one day. Gone but never forgotten as you have left your
paw prints on our hearts xx”


A very sad and pathetic little soul arrived from Ireland. She had very recently had pups although no
more than a baby herself and she was found begging.

Marilyn, in Norfolk, fostered her and nursed her back to health

All her golden family accepted her as one of their own and she was soon able to join in all the fun and
games. Which one is Daisy????????????????

Marilyn and her goldens really put a smile back on Daisy's face

UPDATE 10.03.07
DAISY has gone off happily to her new home with Maggie in Sussex.


Daisy has settled in very well. She is so funny. We did not think we would laugh again after losing our old dog, Meg, who we still miss very much. She was a dog in a million.

Daisy was on the bed this morning, having cuddles, and turned over and fell off straight onto Sadie. It was so funny. Sadie is so good, she just looked as much as to say what the hell was that?

 MANY CONGRATULATIONS to DAISY for winning 1st prize for Best Rescue and 2nd for Prettiest Bitch at the Southern Golden Retriever Society show.

 UPDATE 2.10.07
Daisy has been with us nearly 7 months now. She is a very good little girl. This had mostly been with the help of Sadie her mentor.
She does have her naughty moments like moving our cloths from one bedroom to the other bedroom........... she does no harm to them I am pleased to say.
She also does this with the post. We have to play hunt the post when we come home from work...... we never know were we will find it but, again, its never damaged.
The funniest thing she did one night when we were out was she picked up Ray's motorbike boots from the bedroom and placed them next to each other in the right order outside the toilet door and the rucksack was in the doorway. My friend, who had come up to check on her, also saw this and thought we had left them there......... it looked so funny maybe she fancied a bike ride !!
We take Daisy on caravan holidays with us. She loves our caravan and is very good. People cannot believe she is a rescue and they cannot believe what happen to her so she is a very good ambassadour for IRR.

We could not have wished for a better dog for a friend for Sadie as Sadie was very sad after losing her best friend Meg in December and Daisy made us all smile again.
Daisy loves the country life........ she likes running in the woods, chasing the rabbits and squirrels but she does look puzzled when the squirrel goes up the tree........ she thinks they are rabbits !!.
Sadly, we lost Sadie, her mentor and best friend, very suddenly, on July 25th 2007 just after we came back from holiday. Daisy really loved Sadie a lot.

Daisy has not been the same since we lost Sadie. She has not been naughty at all and is very quiet but we are trying to give her lots of love and nice long walks.

We always knew it was her that had been naughty as we often caught her in the act of doing something like stealing my walking boot.
We miss her doing these funny little things we are now looking for a little friend for Daisy.
However, last night she pinched my sock out of my walking boots then she pinched Ray's walking boot then, tonight, she took a frog ornament from the flower pot and left in on the patio. I thought it was real!!!!  It did make us laugh and, hopefully, she is coming round to being the naughty, funny Daisy again.

At the IRR show this year we were asked to look after a dog for a few days whose name was Sammy. He was a very frightened boy to start with but Daisy showed him that all is not bad in life just like Sadie helped Daisy to overcome her fears.
Daisy won 3 rosettes and Sammy also won one.

We went away in our caravan last weekend and we took Daisy for a nice walk in the forest and she got rather hot chasing rabbits and squirrels and decided to cool off !!! but we love her just as well little monkey.

Love Maggie & Ray
(I know Sadie and Meg are watching over Daisy at the bridge)

We have had Daisy 1 year on the 10th of March. She has come a long way since then despite having some set backs on the way, through no fault of her own.
We are very proud of Daisy and she has achieved  quite a lot in a short time. She is on the Congratulations page under the famous Daisy as she is in a book and is front page of  the calendar.
We are hoping she will do well at the Southern Golden Retriever rescue show this year again but who can not love Daisy as she is just so pretty?
Daisy was grieving very badly for Sadie, as were we, and she was getting really withdrawn and just wanted to hide all the time. We hadn't realised just how much she loved Sadie.
We took Daisy on lots of weekends away in the caravan, as it seemed the only time she was happy was when she was out walking and doing long walks at that......... the longest walk we did was 13 miles with her and she loved it.
But she was still very unhappy so along came Charlie, who is another IRR rescue dog. You can read her updates on the site.
Charlie is a real clown and has done Daisy the world of good. Daisy is now back to her old naughty ways, well nearly all of them
Daisy does love Charlie but not as much as Sadie just yet. The two of them had a good Christmas with plenty of presents and nice walks and a lovely Christmas dinner.
Daisy really does love lots of fuss and attention. She still has a few skeletons in the cupboard eg she hates it if a door creaks but she is getting better now when the logs spit on the open fire and she is not so afraid of the dustcart now.
When you go to stroke her, if she is standing up, she still sometimes drops to the floor with a frightened look so we do wonder what happen to her.
She also hates it if you shake anything near her but when she does this we just say "it's alright Daisy" and tap our legs and she sits up and gives you both her paws.

On the whole, she is a very happy little girl and much loved by everyone that meets her. They all say "just look at those beautiful eyes".
Of course, that's not what Charlie thinks first thing in the morning when Charlie is trying to have a sleep in her bed. Daisy brings a toy then starts barking at her to get up and play and, as soon as Charlie gets up, Daisy walks off and does not want to play (poor Charlie )
Daisy also tries us at about  4.00am. She jumps on the bed, with a toy in her mouth, wanting us to play but, although we are not too keen at that time in the morning, I don't have the heart to shout at her.
People just cannot believe that they are both rescue dogs. They comment on how well behaved they are.  Our reply is "yes, they are good but it has taken lots of love and patience".
Daisy is a very wonderful little dog and we love her to bits and Charlie as well, of course.

Maggie said,  “We have just come back from our Easter break in the caravan.
The one of them in the pub garden is not the one with the ducks and cat but Daisy enjoyed hunting in the garden while Charlie took it easy. And Charlie enjoyed her dip in the sea it was a lovely warm day.
The girls were quite tired after their long walk.

But we all had a good time.”

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