Now waiting at the Bridge sadly, Di and Alan have had to say "goodbye" to their lovely Dazzle. He passed away peacefully on 
Friday, 23rd September with his heartbroken humans by his side. The vet had tried all the options for him but
Dazzle had continued to go downhill to the point he no longer recognised them most of the time, he needed
assistance to walk and even needed encouragement to eat..

On Thursday he seemed to rally a little, his mobility was a bit better and he allowed Di to cuddle him. He also
remembered and was pleased to see Hayley when she called round for a while to say her farewell to him.  

He was so perky, Di actually started to doubt whether they had made the right decision but it proved to be
simply his last big effort to say his own "goodbyes" as, on Friday morning, Dazzle could barely walk at all.
 He went into the garden and just collapsed down on the path then he whimpered because he couldn’t get up.
 Alan gave his ‘back end’ a wash then he flopped down again just outside the kitchen door. He looked a very
tired and unhappy dog.  It was definitely his time.

Di and Alan are extremely sad but, in some ways, it is a relief not having to watch their beautiful boy going
downhill and trying to decide on the best time to let him go. We believe they got it absolutely right for him.

Everyone remembers a year ago when he had been the life and soul of the party at one of his friend Gizmo's
Dog Meets. He was adored by all the people and he was very friendly with all dogs present. For his size, he
was very gentle when he played with the puppies.That was the real Dazzle who we will all remember fondly.


DAZZLE is a lovely boy. He was a stray who was never claimed. His collar had to be cut off him with wire
cutters as it was so tight. He enjoys the company of other dogs and humans alike.

Dazzle is possibly a samoyed/lab cross and is about 18 months old. He has a fab nature

Dazzle was fostered with Pauline in Somerset where he met his girlfriend and partner in crime, Penny

Dazzle is now happily living in Gloucestershire with his very best friend, Penny.


They have both settled in well and have had a fair number of visitors. Everyone is regarded as their friend, they just love people and everyone loves them. Albert (beagle) had a wonderful time with them, we were all just ignored, they were too busy playing.

The plan to buy a doggy paddling pool (so when the weather is nice they can splash around to their hearts content) was somewhat scuppered when the rains came and there is now water all aound. Talking of which, Pen does still like to extract water from the drinking bowl using her paw which of course gives the kitchen floor an unplanned wash! It's very kind of her to help with the cleaning, ha, ha!

Having said there had been no more damage, although I was not out long, I returned home to find the inner stuffing of the sofa seat all over the kitchen floor. I think we can safely say - that's had it! Daz looked suitably remorseful - Penny didn't!! In the grand scheme of things, I am not at all concerned, it's only a sofa, not worth getting upset about. They haven't damaged anything else so why worry. Thought they would have slept after all the running around they've been doing in the garden today! Otherwise they are both fine.


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