Sue gave us the very sad news "It's with a very heavy heart I have to tell you that our beautiful golden girl Holly
went to Rainbow Bridge on the 1st of March 2016.

We adopted her in 2007 to be a big sister to Milly (formerly known as Jordon).

Holly didn't suffer. When we took her to the vets, a blood test showed her kidneys were failing and we were
told that she was ok for the time being but there was nothing that could be done. We had her at
home for just over a week.

She went for her walk in the morning and had her breakfast a couple of hours later but I knew she was not
good and called the vet out. He confirmed she was very poorly so he put her to sleep with Milly,
Alan and myself by her side. She was such a lovely girl. 

Holly was so special to Alan and I and, of course, Milly. In all those years, they only ever spent one day apart,
when Holly had an operation and, now, we are all so lost wIthout her.

Keep doing what you do. You are all brilliant".

IRR are so grateful for the wonderful life Holly enjoyed and what a lovely peaceful end. It was perfect for her
though heartbreaking for those left behind but, at least, the decision was really taken out of their hands by
Holly who had, clearly, decided it was her time, bless her.

For sure, Holly will be happy and young again now at Rainbow Bridge and will be reunited with her old next
door neighbour, Faith, the Lurcher, who passed in 2013.


Fly free with all the other Golden angels, Holly


 Holly is a 3 year old spayed bitch who gets on well with other dogs and cats. She was surrendered to us as she was worrying sheep.  She needed a bit of training on the lead.

Holly was with Sandie in Ireland and as you can see from the photo, she was enjoying the company of some of Sandies dogs. Holly is the one in the middle.  The other dogs belong to Sandie and were not for rehoming!!

When Holly arrived in the UK she was microchipped.   She was fostered by Jackie in Hampshire.  Jackie, said  "She is settling in well. Holly is very well behaved, housetrained and went through the night OK.  I am walking her on the lead and she is gradually pulling less. I think she would be off after any wildlife if she got the chance."

Holly is now happily settled in her new home with Hampshire. She has Millie (who was Jordan, another IRR dog) as a playmate.

Holly is still in the "Is this my new home or am i going to be moved again?" mode but a lot of TLC & Millie has helped , she is walking to heel and better on the lead (thanks to some help from  Ali next door Emma's Mum).
Holly does not like thunder very much so she has been a little unsettled the last couple of days but is getting better. Neither dog is bothered by the lawn mower or the hoover and Holly is good at getting into the car so Millie now follows her & Holly is very tolerant of Millie's wild child antics as Millie is always running around her and wanting to play with her, it is good to see them play together.



Well it’s been a long time since the last update & the girls are so good, it is the first time that we have had two dogs at the same time & it’s brilliant no different to one except they play & run around together more than with us.

Surprise, surprise no real problems, Holly will run a fair distance from us but always comes back when called (we think she must have been quite well trained at some point as she responds to commands well although she did get a little nervous at first if she thought she had been naughty so she may have been treated roughly in the past) while Millie still plays and runs around like a puppy, never goes far as she knows where the treats are and will always come for them, she has been so easy to train.

 Both girls are always pleased to meet people & Millie especially likes children, whenever she see one she just wants to run around with them and play.

We have been so lucky with the girls as there is no aggression in either, Holly is very quiet and only barks when excited and other dogs are playing whilst Millie makes up for it and lets you know when there is some one around or at the door.

 They both are fascinated by the squirrels in the trees by us and will run up and down through the trees to chase them but they are to quick and run around the trees just out of reach to tease the dogs or jump from tree to tree so the dogs follow them along, it’s quite funny to watch but keeps the girls amused plus exercised.

However neither bother with the squirrels when they come into the garden and feed on the nut holders, only sit or lay and watch much the same with the birds as well which is good.

 It is nice to see them so happy & relaxed these days. Millie & Holly are so close to each other it’s more like mother & daughter than from different backgrounds.

 It was good to see everyone at the Reunion this year especially Val & Andy - a good day.

Holly & Millie send their love to everybody and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue