MILLY (was Jordan)


On 5th May 2016, a devastated Sue contacted us with some very sad news "With a broken heart, I have to tell
you our baby girl Milly has gone to Rainbow Bridge. I really hope that Holly was waiting for her. It's the only way I can even
begin to cope to believe they are back together.

Milly had diabetes which affected her eyes, liver and kidneys. We tried everything we could with our vets but it
was just all too much for her and the kindest thing was to say "goodbye". She was such a lovely little dog". 

Milly and Holly were inseparable and such special girls. After 9 wonderful years, Sue and Alan, suddenly,
within 9 weeks, have had to say "goodbye" to both of their beautiful girls, leaving a huge hole in their lives. 
The loss is enormous, beyond words, even though the wonderful memories will be forever carried in their hearts. 

Everyone at IRR can only send our heartfelt sympathies to them both and our thanks for giving the girls the most
brilliant lives they possibly could.

Fly free Milly. Go and be with your best friend Holly, together forever


Jordan was a very young Golden Retriever when she came to IRR's attention.  She was picked up by the dog
warden after having been tied up all her life with a rope which had indented in her neck. She was also limping
very badly so she was taken to the vet who x-rayed the leg, cleaned up her neck and spayed her.

Despite her dreadful early beginings, Jordan was a very trusting soul and settled in well with Sandie, where she
stayed until she was fit to travel. The flower essences and TLC quickly worked their magic on her. Jordan got
on very well with the other dogs who played a big part in her rehabilitation.

Sandie said "Jordan continues to improve day by day, with her confidence growing all the time. She ran (well hobbled) off with a slipper today, which was lovely to see. She has improved greatly in the short time since she was rescued. She is eating well, taking her remedies, enjoys playing with other dogs, and makes a big impression on everyone she meets".

 Jordan is now in a wonderful permanent home  in the U.K. where she will be loved forever and will never, ever have to suffer any more fear or pain as long as she lives.


Jordan is now Milly and she seems to be doing fine.

She has now been microchipped and given the once over by their vet.

She enjoys playing with Emma (IRR dog) and Faith, who live next door, which she does daily, and she is being spoilt rotten. It seems like no work can get done in the house as playing with Millie comes first.

The only thing that needs working on is her aversion to travelling in the car. At the moment, Milliy is not keen on going in the car, which is understandable after the couple of weeks she has had, but, once she learns to associate it with nice things, she will be absolutely fine.


Milly now has a new friend Holly (another IRR girl) to play with and they are getting on really well.


            Hi everyone it’s Milly!!! (Jordan)
Just to let every one know how I am getting on in my forever home.
As you are all aware I had a very bad neck as well as a limp but my neck is now much better and I am allowed to wear my new pink collar but still go for walks on my harness that uncle Andy bought for me.
I still have a bit of a limp when I am tired but my new vet said this might be for life
But I am walking & playing on it now, which is helping improve the muscles
It’s not painful either.
It took a few days to settle into my new home but now it’s great fun here, mum & dad love me to bits and play with me lots and I am putting on some weight.
One evening mum & dad took me to meet a lady called Jackie who had an older play friend called Holly for me to meet, this was fun even though it meant I had to go in the car.
I decided that I liked Holly and mum & dad decided that Holly could come and live with us as well.
I didn’t like getting into the car but holly jumped in ok so I thought I would give it ago and it’s not so bad really.
We have both made lots of new friends in the last week, human & dogs in the park, which is fantastic as it is right next door to our home.
The best bits of all are that we have a big garden to play in and nice warm beds to
Sleep on and now a nice mum & dad.
We are also very lucky to live next door to auntie Ali & Uncle Nick, they have two
Girls called Faith & Emma, Emma is another IRR dog.
Faith & Emma come to play regularly, but on Saturday evening we went for our first visit to their home that was fun.
I am already very happy & settled in my forever home but poor Holly is still a little unsettled & quiet but I will soon change that if I keep jumping on her & getting her to play with me, she is slowly getting the idea that we have to chase each other around the garden.
Holly is the best sister I could have as we have lots of toys to play with and she doesn’t mind me jumping on her or pinching the toys and running off with them.
We sleep together as well as playing together which is great and we love each other lots.
Hope you like our pictures and we will see you all in September.
Thanking everybody for helping to bring us to our forever home.
Love from Millie, Holly, Mum & Dad.
P.S I am the little one.


Well it’s been a long time since the last update & the girls are so good, it is the first time that we have had two dogs at the same time & it’s brilliant no different to one except they play & run around together more than with us.

For the first few months we did not let Holly off the extender lead as we were unsure as to what she would do but once she was settled and we had confidence in her it became time to let her go & run around with Millie.

 Surprise, surprise no real problems, Holly will run a fair distance from us but always comes back when called (we think she must have been quite well trained at some point as she responds to commands well although she did get a little nervous at first if she thought she had been naughty so she may have been treated roughly in the past) while Millie still plays and runs around like a puppy, never goes far as she knows where the treats are and will always come for them, she has been so easy to train.

 Both girls are always pleased to meet people & Millie especially likes children, whenever she see one she just wants to run around with them and play.

We have been so lucky with the girls as there is no aggression in either, Holly is very quiet and only barks when excited and other dogs are playing whilst Millie makes up for it and lets you know when there is some one around or at the door.

 They both are fascinated by the squirrels in the trees by us and will run up and down through the trees to chase them but they are to quick and run around the trees just out of reach to tease the dogs or jump from tree to tree so the dogs follow them along, it’s quite funny to watch but keeps the girls amused plus exercised.

However neither bother with the squirrels when they come into the garden and feed on the nut holders, only sit or lay and watch much the same with the birds as well which is good.

 Millie is very much a Daddies girl; wherever I am she is there even to the point of lying on the sofa with her head on my arm whilst I am using the laptop, watching as if she knows what I am doing.

It is nice to see them so happy & relaxed these days, it was a bit worrying with Millie at first as we were unsure if she would ever use her front leg, but with time it is as good as it ever will be and only gives cause for concern when she has been running around like a mad one with others then you see her limp a bit so we keep a close eye on it.

Millie & Holly are so close to each other it’s more like mother & daughter than from different backgrounds.

 Millie is still not a good traveller in the car, still a bit sick but only on the outbound journey after about half an hour but then ok for the rest of the day and home bound.

 It was good to see everyone at the Reunion this year especially Val & Andy and it was a nice surprise for us that Millie got the runner up in the Shannon Memorial Award - a good day.

Holly & Milly send their love to everybody and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue