A distraught Di told us “I’m sorry to tell you our beautiful Penny crossed the Bridge at 8.30 pm tonight.
Hopefully, Dazzle was there to greet his girlfriend and partner in crime”.

Just a couple of weeks before, Penny was, uncharacteristically, lethargic and went off her food so she was taken
to the vet to be checked out. Little did anyone think it was going to be anything serious.
From Penny's blood tests, the vet determined there were abnormalities but it is was not a thyroid problem.
Because of possible inflammatory issues, he tried her on a course of antibiotics first and, if there was no change,
she would have to have a scan. She also had anti-sickness treatment.

After another physical examination, everything seemed fine. Penny didn't seem to be in any discomfort and
certainly didn’t react to being poked and prodded by the vet. Her urine sample showed a bit of protein present
but nothing to worry about and she had some appetite stimulant tablets.

It was 6th April and, from more blood tests, the vet decided it was probably pancreatitis which could be managed
medically and with some simple lifestyle changes.

That night, there was a breakthrough when Penny started to take a little food. Di dropped a chip on the floor and
she scoffed it then had a few loose pieces of dried dog food. It wasn’t much but it was more than she had been
eating so that was also a positive sign and everyone hoped Penny had turned a corner.

All seemed to be going well and Penny was returning to normal then, on Good Friday, a very upset
Di told us “Penny's improvement was short lived. Our vet is closed for Easter and we were so concerned that
we took her to the animal hospital in Gloucester this morning.
The lady vet was very thorough in her examination and kept Penny in for further tests starting with blood tests.
Her heart rate was elevated and there was a slight lymph node swelling on her neck. Her abdomen was
very sore and she was, clearly, in pain. We did not expect to be leaving her there but she is in the best place.
Whatever the outcome, her welfare comes before our feelings”.

It was, possibly, a severe pancreatic episode so Penny was put on pain relief, fluids and antibiotics. She had a
high white blood cell count and the vet was not happy about the area between the pancreas, liver and spleen.
Penny was expected to be there for a few days and the possibility of exploratory surgery was discussed depending
on how she responded to the present treatment.
At lunchtime, the vet rang saying there was no real improvement, which was disappointing. Worryingly, her
stomach was distended and filling with fluid so the vet was going to do another scan.

Di said “I think we both knew this would be a lost cause. The vet rang back about 6pm with the news
Penny had pancreatitis, peritonitis, anaemia and some very worrying abnormalities in the white cells - cancer.
To have done further invasive exploratory surgery was pointless. Any treatment would have been risky and
with no guarantee of success. 

There was nothing more we could have done. This had, obviously, been building for a while and she was
getting worse so we agreed that she should be put to sleep.

We went to the hospital and spent time with Penny. She was certainly not a happy girl. 
The duty vet was lovely and we were with Penny as she passed.

We had taken her to the vet on Friday and she never came home. It seems so unfair especially so soon after Daz. 

I would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers and now their condolences”.

Together forever again now, Penny and Dazzle were two very special dogs who meant a lot to our IRR family
and especially to the West Country folk. They will be very much missed and our hearts go out to Di and
Alan at this very sad time.

Farewell dear friend. How hard it was to have to let you go
But, back with Daz, your pain all gone and happy now we know

Fly high dear Pen and Dazzle, we’ll see you in the sky
Two twinkly stars to light the room as in our beds we lie 

We’ll feel you in the snowflakes and in the April showers
We’ll remember times spent gambolling amidst our field’s wild flowers.

We’ll feel you in the sunlight, it’s warmth upon our faces
In our pack, you’ll always be a perfect pair of aces.


 PENNY is a very pretty young pure bred golden retriever, about 9 months old when found as a stray.
Unbelievably, nobody claimed her. She had her spay operation when she came into the care of IRR.
She seems to be very happy in the company of other dogs as well as people. She has a fab nature.
Penny was fostered with Pauline in Somerset and there she met Dazzle who she befriended.  

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Penny & Dazzle and Friends

Penny is now happily living in Gloucestershire with her best friend, Dazzle.


      Lady Penelope????  Methinks that this little lady is a tramp:)))


Merry Christmas to all our friends in IRR

With love from Penny and Dazzle and our friend Albert

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue