Edna told us "Harry, who was 15yrs, had been slowing down and was diagnosed with
Spondylitis two years ago.  Suddenly on Friday, when it was time to walk home after
his usual day in the shop with Lucy, he refused to stand up.  When I did get him to
stand up he just wanted to lie down again.  I called the Vet which is a short distance
away from the shop and they came with transport and a stretcher to take him to the
Surgery where I truly believed they would keep him in overnight for observation. 

When Lucy and I arrived about 5 minutes later the Vet advised me the only realistic
option was to put him to sleep.  I was in shock but, if that was what was best for my
Big Boy,  then it was time to part company and sadly say our goodbyes. 

My heart is breaking. He has left such a big hole in our lives and he will be sorely
missed by his customers who came into the shop simply to see Harry and Lucy.

A lot of people have been very kind and knowing people care and cared for Harry makes all the difference in the world".

We are all so very sorry to hear the terribly sad news. Bereavement is a dark place
where we have all been and that awful feeling of being lost is a familiar one to us all.
Although it came as a huge shock for Edna, it was quick and painless for Harry so
no dog could want for more than that.

For sure, Harry is his usual happy self but is now young again and at Rainbow Bridge 
where he will be reunited with his Golden girlfriend, Skye. One day soon the terrible
sorrow will start to be replaced by all the happy memories of Harry's wonderful life with Edna.

Fly free with all the other Golden angels, Harry


HARRY is a six year old Golden Retriever who lived on the west coast of Ireland.
His distraught owner had to re-home him because of moving house and being unable
to take him with her. He is used to cats but, apparently, does run after strange cats.
As usual, it's the combination of a dog with a particular cat - not just any cat. She felt he
needed to be with older children and a family. His owner, who described him as "very loving and extremely daft" had been looking for a way of rehoming him that would have the
best outcome for Harry when she came across Sandie and Irish Retriever Rescue.




His previous owner said that Harry didn't get along with small dogs but he got on fine with Isabelle, Sandie's Dachshund when he was in foster there......... in fact, he was terrified of her.

He spent some time with Jan in Wiltshire before going on to the forever home where he had been eagerly awaited and is, apparently, settling in very well.


Harry has settled in very well with Edna and Brian, they are delighted with him, and getting him was the best thing they’ve done.

He and Skye (their older, female GR) get on very well. Harry plays with the teddies and she plays with the balls. They sleep together with their noses almost touching! Edna took Skye to the vet last week while Harry was on a walk and when he came back apparently he searched the house top to bottom looking for Skye which is very sweet.

He loves going to the pub and has befriended all the locals with his turned up nose and smiley face.


Harry here. Thought I would give you an update on my new life here in Berkshire. I've been living with Mum, Dad and Skye an 11 year old Goldie, for 11 weeks now.
Mum now knows that my favourite food is chicken but I also get tuna and oily fish as I have a bit of dry skin but it is getting better. Our walks are by the river Thames and I had my first swim on Sunday (I don't think the two human people who were fishing appreciated my big splashes!) but it was good fun. When we got home, Dad hosed me down and then I shook myself all over the kitchen and I don't think Mum was too pleased but Dad just laughed.

In the country, these human people sometimes go shooting and I get frightened by the noise, but Mum and Dad cuddle me until I'm ok again. We have a resident squirrel in our garden and both Skye and I try to catch him but he keeps scrambling up the trees. Skye chases the pigeons, but I don't bother. I have a favourite teddy but Mum keeps washing it when it gets all muddy and she says I like my food too much and have to watch my waistline - women! At the weekend, on our way back from walks we go to the pub, where we have lots of friends who make such a fuss of us. We get water with ice cubes which Skye eats but I don't.

We got a new bed, Mum said was for Skye because she has this arthritis thing, on the first night I tried it out and it was sooo comfy and I sleep in it, and Skye sleeps in the old bed. Dad has this big thing that he puts big sticks in, logs I think they're called, and after dinner we get so cosy and sleepy. As it's Saturday, another day of walks, swimming, pub, chicken and sleeping in front of the fire, and Mum getting all excited about the X Factor?

Thank you for finding me my loving home :o)
Harry xx


Edna says. Harry is fab, and is much more confident around Skye now. She was a bit jealous and growly to start with, but now they rub along nicely. He is such a wonderful chap, it feels like he's been with us forever. It's his 7th birthday on Friday and I will be making him a much loved liver cake :o)


Harry here. Happy New Year to everyone at IRR - keep up the good work to find my friends their forever home like you found for me.  I hope you like the photos of Skye and me - what fun we had in the snow :o)

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Love from Harry & Skye xxx

UPDATE 5.08.2010

Edna says. "It’s two years since Harry first arrived in his forever home, and we’ve never looked back.  He is an absolute joy to have around and it feels like he’s always been part of the family.  He is adored by all the locals and visitors to the village.  He now pushes Skye out of the way to get to the front of the queue for cuddles :o)  He brings a ‘big smile’ to our hearts and is loving and cheeky at the same time.  He has a real fear of fireworks and thunder but is calming down as time passes, when he realises that Skye isn’t phased by either."

Harry here. Skye and I had a visit to the vets today for our annual MOT and both passed with a clean bill of health.  Skye is 13 now and I hope I’m as fit and healthy as her at her age.  Caroline (our vet) said I had the most beautiful eyes and a marvellous six pack and fit as a fiddle.  She said I have put on a wee bit of weight so Dad will have to take me swimming more.  As you can see from the photos, it’s one of my favourite past times.  Everyone shrieks with laughter when they watch me launch myself into the river, the ducks aren’t too sure though and even less happy when I try to share their bread!

Thank you for finding me my family ‘cause I love them as much as they love me :o) xxx



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