Josh is about 18 months old, has been recently neutered, and likes the car. Sandie says he is proving to be a lovely calm boy who gets on well with other dogs. A further assessment will follow once he has settled with his fosterer in Buckinghamshire.


Kay, his fosterer, says, "Joshi settled down in the car as we left Somerset and was soon fast asleep. He slept for almost an hour and then was a bit restless. When he awoke, we pulled off the motorway and took him for a little walk, during which he did his business, then he settled back down for the rest of the journey.

We took Joshi for a long walk locally on Sunday and, although he pulled a bit on the lead, he responded well to correction so he should be walking perfectly in a few days. We also did some jogging which he loved. Whilst out, we met a neighbour and he waited nicely whilst we had a chat. He mostly ignores traffic but when on a busy road he stays closer.

Since Sunday he has meet some nice friendly dogs and was the picture of good behaviour so we were very pleased with that. He also has a new gentle leader which has given us lots more control when walking him and makes the whole walking experience much more pleasant (for us anyway, Joshi, however, probably misses all the sniffing and exciting smells!!).

Joshi is lovely, with a nice temperament but he can be wilful (that'll be the Collie in him as we all know Retrievers do exactly as they are told!!!!!!). He was happy to do sit, come, and wait for his food (and for his toys) but not so keen to perform if there is not a treat/toy on offer. However, he is certainly capable of following instructions and I am sure will improve.

Joshi seems to be housetrained and was perfect overnight his first night. In fact, Steve had to wake him up in the morning. He is eating well but, despite being quiet at night, he doesn't seem to like being left on his own in the day so I think we will have to work on this a bit. His scar is also healing well.

Joshi wants you to know that he is settling in nicely and loves to play with his rugby ball in the garden and is lovely and calm in the house with the occasional mental 10 minutes (we are going to stop all non Burns treats to see if this makes a difference although this may also be how he asks to go outside-we are working it out) ................ I wish we could speak doggy.

We are very happy that we have been allowed to spend time with this lovely dog".

Needless to say, Kay and Steve fell madly in love with Joshi and they joined the ever increasing ranks of failed fosterers.

Sadly within a short time of his adoption, Joshi developed epilepsy and despite huge efforts from their vets Kay and Steve had to say goodbye to Joshi on 26 July 2009.

Joshi is now at peace at Rainbow Bridge. Fly with the angels dear Joshi.

We at IRR extend our heartfelt sympathy to Kay and Steve and would like to thank them wholeheartedly for giving Joshi such a wonderful home and for doing everything in their power to help our wonderful boy.

2008 Irish Retriever Rescue UK