THE WORST OF NEWS 31.12.2013

Tragically, Buddy, the best natured dog you could ever possibly know. went peacefully to the Bridge on
New Year's Eve 2013.

In November, despite seeming well in every other way, Buddy had sneezed blood so he was taken to the vet where
it was discovered their lovely boy had a tumour near his eye, above his nose. Despite doing absolutely everything they could,
his condition worsened and there became only one option, to give him sleep. He drifted away whilst cradled in loving arms.

Buddy was a very special dog and the most wonderful ambassador for his breed. Even non doggy people loved him and
everyone is greatly saddened by his passing. His family and dog pals are left devastated and completely heartbroken.

Steve and Pauline, who fostered him, are also reeling from the awful news, even though it wasn't totally unexpected,
as they had loved him from the minute he came into their home for foster and he was one they found dreadfully hard to
let go to his new home, which had to be more than perfect even to be considered. He was the spitting image of their
Ricky and Eddie and they all hit it off really well, as if they truelly were brothers, so they missed him a lot when he left.
How ironic is it that Ricky was also given sleep just three days after Buddy?

IRR would like to thank Lynne and all the family so much for giving Buddy five very special years and for being there for him
right to the end. For sure he would have been at the gates of Rainbow Bridge ready to greet the foster brother
he was so close to.

Buddy was already an angel on Earth and now is one in Heaven.


Many thanks to Dog Friends who located Mills and allowed us the pleasure of rehoming him. They said of him. "He was found straying and ended up in a Pound in Wales but, amazingly, he was never claimed. He is a beautifully bred, rather portly, Golden Retriever, probably about 6 years old and he was already neutered. When he arrived, his coat was very neglected and matted and he stank to high heaven. Anyone who likes Golden Retrievers will absolutely adore this boy. He has several fans here already!!!"

Pauline fostered him in Somerset and said "Mills is TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is really great with all my dogs, not in the least bit toy or food possessive. You would think he had lived with my lot all his lifeJ)))))

He loves being brushed & combed & fussed over and was as good as gold at the groomers.

He likes to carry his lead & grins from ear to ear whilst wagging from head to toe.

He walks nicely on a lead especially when he is carrying something. He understands "sit" & "down" & will shake a paw.

The poor boy had an extremely painful ear caused by a bacterial infection but he is so trusting he allowed the vet and us to treat it with absolutely no fuss.

He absolutely adored the snow and played happily in it with my other dogs. He is very similar to 2 of my retrievers who are brothers. They are failed show dogs so I suspect he comes from equally good "stock".

Nobody can understand why he wasn't reclaimed but I suspect he belonged to an elderly or sick person who died & there was no other family to take him on. He certainly has very sad eyes. I wonder what memories he is carrying? I am sure he is missing somebody but I guess we will never know why he was abandoned. We have been giving him a Loss flower essence combination to try to help him.

He comes when called but the name Mills meant nothing to him as he was only just given it because the other rescue happened to be on "names associated with romance" so his new owner requested he be called Marty. It all fitted in nicely that he would be going to his new home on Valentine's Day.

Marty is now microchipped and, unsurprisingly, he was a very brave boy, bless him. He met the children of Nicola (our microchipper) and, as expected, he was well in his element with them. He went straight up to them, sat in front & offered his paw. He seems to be totally bombproof."


It was very sad to see Marty go but we know he is going to have a wonderful life with Lynne and her family. He travelled really well on his long journey up to Northumberland to his forever home.

Lynne says "He travelled back with us with no bother. We have had the first walk with them and it went well, with loads of sniffs. I think he is lovely and my husband loves him too. We think he is younger than six and it's just his weight that makes him seem a little older.

Marty now has 3 doggy girlfriends to play with....Crystal, Libby and Meg but Libby is his very special friend


Lynne said: “Marty is now an integrated part of the Downie clan. Life for him is going extremely well, the girls love him and rush to see him first thing in the morning.

He is now enjoying even longer walks and can’t wait to go; he hops up and down and gets very excited every time you pick up his lead. He is still learning that not all dogs love him but he will learn to curb his enthusiasm. His fur is coming back in now so he is looking even more handsome!

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in his rescue and to let them know he was definitely worth it.”


Lynne writes. "We decided to change Marty to Buddy because he seemed to prefer it so maybe it was closer to his real name? We also no longer believe he belonged to someone elderly as suspected because he really loves children. He loves everybody and runs and plays with all our "girls" and is a dream to own."

"His ear problems are completely cured, he has lost 10 kilos and is very fit now. We feel as if we have never been without him and my grandchildren fight over him. He and I are joined at the hip."

"We have a static caravan now so we can take the four dogs with us to Rothbury where there are great walks and partridges which Buddy is particularly partial to!!!!"

Buddy is Mr August in Blyth Valley Calendar for Rescued Dogs



We have had snow here on and off since November 25th. I forgot what grass looked like. We loved it, though, cos my friends and I played all day, either at the beach or on the fields out the back of our house. We didnt make any mess either so how popular were we?

Christmas was very busy with a family of six dogs, three grandchildren and six adults.

My Mam has a new camera so here are a few recent pics.



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