SACHA (was Nadia)


Melanie, Richard and the children are all devastated at the loss of little Sacha. She was
always a real home bird, brilliant with the children, the cats and her Golden Retriever best
friend and with the home sitters who came at holiday time.

She was sweet and gentle and absolutely adored the people she knew and loved but,
to the end, she would fiercely protect them from any male strangers who she still
regarded as a huge threat, no doubt a throw back to her tragic beginnings.

She had seven really good years of happiness, proper rags to riches, after her terrible
start in Romania. Her life could have been very different had she not been rescued but,
thankfully, she was given the opportunity to know how true love feels.

Sacha's loss leaves a big hole in the lives of her family and friends.
Rest in peace little lady.


BLAU and BLANCHE are two young dogs (sister and brother) that were brought back from Romania on Tuesday 16th June by Chrissy. Blau was spayed and fully vaccinated and had the essential worm / tick treatment 48-hrs before leaving the country as well as having a full health check to make sure she would be able to cope with travelling such a long journey, all as part of her Pet Passport.

Both dogs are about 14mths old and were brought to the ROLDA (Romanian League in Defence of Animals) shelter at about 12 weeks old along with their other sibling, White, who IRR is planning to help rehome in August when she comes over to the UK.

The story began at the end of May when Joy received a phonecall from a very nice lady called Chrissy who told us about the dogs she helps to save from Romania. Up to that point, she had helped 20 other dogs from the shelter since February, details of which can be found on and she had another 6 to bring over later in June. She told us that people who have rehomed previous dogs had all been delighted. They are all very nice dogs who adapt easily into a new home as they are like a blank canvas with no issues, no cruelty or neglect but are just used to living in kennels where they have been well looked after.

She explained that 4 of the 6 had homes to go to but there were two retriever-types which needed foever homes and she wondered if IRR could help. She had been trying to get help for them from other places but to no avail.

Chrissy showed us pictures of Blau and Blanche and, of course, we couldn't resist them.

After a long car journey across Europe and a ferry trip, the dogs finally arrived in Kent and Lorraine and Pauline met them in the early hours of the morning in Hertfordshire. Their journey then continued in Pauline's van through the night down to the Bath area of Somerset and they were fostered there for a few days to give them time to settle.

Just as we were told, the dogs both had lovely kind natures with Blau being the braver and more outgoing of the two. She seemed happy to look after her more
timid brother.

They both got on really well with Pauline's dogs and enjoyed their new found freedom.

Blau was renamed Nadia (meaning "hope" in Romanian) and went on a foster with a view to adopt basis to live with Melanie and family, also in the Bath area .


Nadia had a very peaceful night - she didn’t bark at all and was very excited to see us in the morning. She is simply loving our garden as you can imagine. We went for a really lovely walk along the river with the chidren and afterwards Nadia and my daughter lay down together for about an hour - both so happy.

We have had a lovely few days with her - no more accidents in the house and she has met several other dogs on walks and been really great and friendly playing with them. She definitely responds well to me calling her. I took her to the vet today and she was 100% fine about everything.

She is a really wonderful dog whom we have all fallen in love with and feel extremely lucky that she is part of our family and know that we want it to remain that way. She has already become so important to us all. As this is our first dog, we have things to learn but she is so responsive and easy we will work together. I have found some classes in Beckington that I think I will take her to, to learn more and for her to socialise. I think you are right she would love the company of another dog and so I think in the new year, once we know she is completely settled and happy we will look to take on another dog.


      Nadia is now renamed Sacha. She settled brilliant with a family friend and his dog when her owners went on holiday and then fitted immediately back into the routine on their return. She is, apparently, quite a hit with everyone who meets her so much so that people are asking if there are more like her needing homes.

Melanie says "Sacha is on great form and very well. Here is a photo taken at the beginning of the week" 


CHRISSY from Romania Animal Aid writes:

"Nadia and Peppy (originally Blau and Blanche) are two very lucky pups but it could have been so different! Both siblings (along with another sister) were found dumped at the entrance to the ROLDA shelter in Galati, SE Romania. Many Romanians are still very poor but are tolerant of homeless dogs and try their best to save the most vulnerable ones from injury caused by traffic, starvation or cruelty inflicted by the illegal dog-catchers employed to frequently round up any stray dogs in a 'street cleansing' exercise.

Well meaning people within the local community will either dump the dogs at the shelter or closeby or sometimes struggle to care for them on their limited means. However this often sadly results in them eventually breeding and more pups being born into the same circumstances.

Dana Costin the founder of ROLDA took in these latest arrivals and after three months, started their vaccinations and subsequent blood tests knowing that they would make loving companions if we could only find them homes in the UK. Seven months on, two are now happily settled into their new life thanks to the wonderful help of Irish Retriever Rescue. The third sibling will soon be here too and can hopefully look forward to the same happy ending her brother and sister were fortunate enough to secure!"

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue