Very Sad News

We are incredibly sad to let you know that at approximately 5am at home with
us all around her, on 29th February 2016, our beloved Stella slipped away to join the angels.
She was 15 years old and was the sweetest, gentlest, little girl you could ever meet.
She was a huge part of our family. A big Thank You to Jan for rescuing her along
with Honey and Bracken, to Jackie for asking us to foster the three of them (or we would
never have met her) and to Pauline and Lorraine for allowing us to adopt her.
We wouldn’t have missed the years she spent with us for anything.
Run free little Stella, love you lots, Belinda and Terry xxx

Stella's History

Stella is an 8 year old lady who came to Belinda and Terry for fostering with her daughter, Honey and her kennel sister Holly. She is the smallest of the three and just wants to follow us around and lie at our feet. She has been car sick, unfortunately, although she wasn't when we collected her from the M42 and that was about a 2 hour journey. Perhaps the previous transporters had it in their cars! She walked very well on the lead on the couple of occasions we have taken her anywhere, and she is a very gentle, though quite nervous dog. She likes to greet us in the morning with anything she can pick up and makes little whimpering noises as she brings it to us. This morning she came out with us into the garden before she could gather anything up so she picked a rose and brought it to us. Wish I’d had my camera with me! She gets on really well with all the other dogs and is very gentle with children. She is fascinated by our cat and stands and stares at it but, so far hasn’t actually!



Belinda and Terry have totally fallen for Stella and yet again have become failed fosterers. Stella has now become part of the family and is beginning to enjoy her daily walks with the others, although still on the lead. We think she is a bit selectively deaf so we are not confident yet about letting her off the lead as she tends not to hear us call if there is an interesting smell about. She is getting bouncier every day and her coat, which was very thin, is beginning to thicken up. She is an absolutely delightful, gentle little dog and we love her to bits.

Thank you IRR for bringing her into our lives.

UPDATE 8.8.09 

Stella went to her first Dog Show today and thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring so much so that she won the Senior Citizens Class. Well done Stella and Belinda.

2009 Irish Retriever Rescue UK