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(was Mitzie)




A face at the window, it comes and it goes
Who was his owner? Nobody knows
Was he a plaything for children to poke?
Or the weapon of choice for a criminal bloke?

Was she the mum to a long stream of pups?
Or the showgirl of old and winner of cups?
No longer a beauty and too old to breed
One mouth too many for her owner to feed.

Was he a trophy to carry about?
Or a proof of great wealth for his owner to flout?
Was he a nuisance when babies were born?
Or was he the villain when sofas got torn?

The decor is new, did he no longer match?
Or was it the mud that he left in a patch?
Could it be the cost for an elderly fellow
Arthritic and slow with his teeth worn and yellow?

Was he a gundog afraid of the gun?
Or the terrified subject of a torturer's fun?
Or a puppy who grew far too big for his home?
Or did he get lost when allowed out to roam?

Whatever the reason he's counting on us
To entice him inside with the minimum fuss
To feed him and teach him his comes and sits
And show him a human can love him to bits

That love he'll repay till the end of his days
Until God calls him back as he does with all strays
For they have been sent to teach humans to be
As forgiving and loving as the stray who ran free.

Written by Gizmo and friends




2010 Irish Retriever Rescue UK