Sadly Christine died at the end of October 2011 and her family asked for donations in her memory to be sent to IRR. Her family, work colleagues and friends have been very generous, and we would like to thank everyone who contributed.

The following was written about Christine and Twinkle by her friend Gwen, an IRR supporter and adoptor:

Christine was a very quiet lady with a wicked sense of humour once you got to know her - a very loyal friend who would always help you if she could. 

Christine picked up Twinkle from Denise and Phil (fosterers) in 2006. Twinkle and Christine were a perfect match - both gentle souls (although Christine did have the nickname of Rottweiler when she had a bee in her bonnet about something!!). Christine lived with her mum and dad and they all adored Twinkle.  

Christine's mum died in April, 2011. Her brother's wife died in July, 2011.  Christine was 52 when she was diagnosed with cancer on August 11th, 2011.  She was one month away from 53 when she died at the end of October, 2011.  

That left her dad, Jim,86, and Twinkle (now about 13).   

With a bit of help and encouragement, initially in his electric wheelchair but after a couple of weeks, just using a walking stick, Jim is walking Twinkle every day (unless its raining - then Twinkle won't go out of the door!!).  The exercise benefits both of them and Jim was thrilled to realise that he could cope with daily, sedate walks to the small park opposite his house. They are perfectly matched in walking ability!

Jim's sister passed away in January of this year (she was 90). To say he has had an "annus horribilis" is an under statement but Twinkle gives him company, a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to go out.  She is indeed his little star.




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