25 October 2009 - 23 February 2013


Hugo is 3 yrs old. He is in a new foster placement, owing to a change in his previous fosterers’ family circumstances, and he is seeking his forever home.

Fosterer’s first report: 28th November 2012

Hugo arrived yesterday afternoon and met our dogs outside after a good walk. Introductions went well and he very quickly joined in with a few games in the garden.

Hugo is eating and drinking well and he settled and slept in the kitchen with 2 of our dogs last night. He did grumble when we left him at first but very quickly settled to sleep.

Health wise, Hugo does seem to be a little overweight so we will take him to have him weighed.

Fosterer’s second report: 1st December 2012

Hugo has been with us a few days now and has settled well. He has been accepted by all of our dogs, and he enjoys their company. They all share toys without any difficulty and they all play well together. Hugo has not shown any possessive behaviour with food or with toys.

It would be hard to say whether Hugo prefers human or canine company as he seems to be equally happy when alone with us, or with the other dogs around him.

One of the striking things about Hugo is his charming gentle character. He also has a lovely twinkle in his eye and the biggest smile. He’s often the first to greet us in the mornings; his favourite way to say hello is to bring one of his toys and hand it over as a gift.

We took Hugo to the nurse led clinic where he weighed in at just under 39k, so he is now on a diet and we are building up his exercise.

Hugo has been coming to work with me as my office is on a farm, so he gets some varied walks during my breaks and has become firm friends with 2 donkeys.

At the moment, when out walking, I am using a figure of eight lead with Hugo as he did pull a lot on a lead and flat collar. He’s not too happy with this at first, but soon gets interested in the walk and forgets he’s wearing it, which makes walking a much more positive experience for both of us as there’s no pulling.

Hugo is a wonderful, laid back dog, but he does have some underlying anxieties which he expresses through hiding behind our legs in new situations. Although it’s quite endearing, we’re trying to stop him feeling worried enough to do this by encouraging him to come forward by using firm positive reassurance to build up his confidence.

A few things Hugo really enjoys:

  • Cuddles – he loves physical contact, both with us and with the dogs.
  • Playing ball – he plays a good game of `fetch’ as long as he can see which direction the ball is thrown in. He also enjoys bouncing a ball –he likes to take a ball to a clear area of the floor, drop it gently and watch it bounce.
  • Travelling in the car – he gets excited and hops into the back of the car, then spends much of the journey looking out of the window, taking everything in. He’s curious if people approach the car, but doesn’t bark or get upset.
  • He likes to `talk’. It sounds like a low pitched growl, but it’s part of his way of communicating. He especially `talks’ when he’s sitting with us being stroked or having his head massaged.
  • Head massage….. Oh he loves a gentle head massage!

In summary, Hugo is a loving and loyal dog and a delightful house guest. He seems to be comfortable with people and other animals and is at his happiest being close and feeling included.

Fosterer’s 3rd report: 8/1/13

Hugo has been staying with us for 6 weeks. In that time he has become more playful and confident by the day.

He has been steadily losing weight and is now within the ideal range. His coat is shiny and soft and he has a wiggle in his walk and a keen zest for life. I'm pleased to say he's progressed from the figure of eight lead and is now walking very nicely on a body harness, on his own and with our other dogs. He’s also built up enough confidence to greet new situations without hiding behind our legs, which is a big step for him. He has been with us to visit friends and has also been to our local pub.

Hugo is a lovely dog who needs to take medication for a medical condition, but this doesn’t stop him enjoying a normal happy life. He would be suited to a home with or without another dog as long as he is not left for long periods as he is a very sociable boy.

Fosterer’s 4th report 22/1/13

After discussion with the team it was felt that as Hugo has settled so well over the last 2 months and is enjoying being part of our family that it would be unfair to move him. Therefore, it has been agreed that he should stay with us as a forever foster dog. We’re delighted to have Hugo as a new member of the family and, as you can see from the photographs, Hugo seems pretty pleased with the arrangement too.

23 February 2013
Very Sad News

Jenny and Julie say:

It's with the deepest shock and sadness that I have to tell you all that our dear Hugo collapsed suddenly this
morning and died.

Hugo had been seeing the vet this week because of a diarrhoea and vomiting bug. He had an early vet appointment this morning and collapsed unexpectedly while being treated. The team tried for a long time to resucitate him, but it wasn't successful. They're in shock, we are devastated.

He brought a special light to our lives. God bless you Hugo The-Boss. Such a lovely, happy boy.



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