A very sad Clare told us "We had to have our beloved Bouncer put down just before
Christmas. It was such a shock as he had been leading his normal life and showed no
particular signs of being unwell until the last couple of days when he refused to go for a
walk, which was usually the highlight of his day".  

After a couple of days of tests, the full extent of just how sick he was had been revealed.
The poor old guy had a primary tumour on his heart which had spread to his lungs
and spleen and he had a lot of excess fluid on his abdomen.  As a result, his heart wasn’t functioning which explained his lack of energy in his last few days.

As he couldn’t have continued to lead any sort of quality life, it was the kindest thing to put
him to sleep.  

Clare added "We know we have given Bouncer a happy last few years and he has been
a wonderful natured dog, even tolerating much face licking from our Border Terrier!  We
all miss him terribly".

Go fly with all the other Golden angels at Rainbow Bridge, lovely boy.


Bouncer is a big, beautiful, friendly neutered male Golden Retriever. He is aged about
7 years and he is a very happy boy who has spent most of his life in a livery yard,
with lots of people and animals coming and going all the time.

Over the years that he has been in the yard he has been pulled and poked by
lots of children, without any sign of aggression whosoever.

However, recently there was an allegation that he snapped at a young child - which,
unfortunately, had to be taken seriously even though everyone who knows him,
including his vet, finds this possibility remote.

Nevertheless, Bouncer is now in need of a wonderful new home.

As above, Bouncer is a happy chap with a very waggy tail who loves life and adores people.
He is extremely affectionate, is house trained, loves being groomed, is easy to handle
and is a good traveller. In fact he really loves being in a car.
He is well used to horses, people and other dogs, but he will chase cats.

He is not very experienced on his lead and tends to be strong, so some training is
recommended. He is slightly overweight, so, after a gradual build up, he will need
plenty of exercise and a controlled diet.

Bouncer's Dream Home:
Bouncer probably can't understand why his life has suddenly changed so dramatically, and
he deserves a wonderful loving home where he will be the centre of attention and will get
lots of affection, cuddles and exercise. We would recommend him for an active home
where there is lots going on and where he can fully participate in family life. He would be
fantastic with older children.

Behaviour with Other Animals:
Good with other dogs and horses. Not good with cats.

Fostered in: Leeds

September 2013 - Bouncer has gone to his Forever Home

 Update from Bouncer's Forever Home: 29 September 2013

 Clare says "Bouncer has settled in really well and is happy to share all his toys with our other dog. 

He is definitely a very good traveller. He loves his walks and is very happy to greet any
other dog. We have even been able to let him off the lead for a short period on a walk
and he came back to us which is a great sign. Everybody who has met him has said
what a lovely boy he is. We took him to Oxford, where he had a nice big garden to run in,
and it was great to see him so happy. 

We are really looking forward to getting to know him even better.

Matthew, Max, Ella and I want to say thank you so much to the IRR, who are a fantastic
organisation, and to Dawn for looking after him in his foster home."

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue