A devastated Sara told us "I am very sorry to tell you that, on Saturday, 11th February
2017, I lost my good and faithful companion, Brandy. I am numb at the moment.

My life will be very empty without him but I took the advice of the local vet who knew
him. Brandy's back legs had been getting weaker and weaker and had started to
make him limp very badly. The vet told me his life was coming to an end and that he
was in pain so I decided that I had to stop him from suffering.

The vet came out so I was with Brandy and he was in my arms as he passed. 

I thank you for giving me the most wonderful devotion of a lovely calm and loyal,
trustworthy dog. With very many thanks for the tremendous work you all do". 

Our hearts go out to Sara at this very sad time. She did the hardest but kindest thing
any of us can do for our beloved companions. It is a mark of real, unselfish love. Fly
with the angels to Rainbow Bridge, Brandy.

Sara remembers ”Brandy was a beautiful, trustful and loyal friend who just wanted to
please you. He walked many miles with me around the local woods and heaths and
we would spend many a delightful hour, greeting many people and dogs as we became
known. He always wanted to be top dog but would willingly try to play with any dog that greeted us.

 In the past few weeks, he found it difficult to run and would be slow in walking with me
so our walks became known as our wanders. He loved people and greeted my family
and friends with a lopsided smile. He loved to be brushed and combed, relaxing as
I combed him, and often after this we lay side by side on the rug with my arms
around him. He always fell asleep.

Brandy would sleep on his bed by my bed and he loved to sit and lay in my garden in
the sun. He loved fish, blood and bone meal to eat so I had stopped using it in the
garden. He helped himself to my discovery apples from the lower branches and he
would follow me and sit and watch me garden.

I live in a small close and he was known by all the neighbours who willingly looked
after him if I had to be out for a few hours. He loved most of all for us to spend
evenings together especially on the cold nights when he would sit close to the
wood burner. He would greet you at the door and when I was baking or cooking he
would hoover the floor for me. He loved to steal my slippers and shoes and take
them outside on the lawn so I had to check at night that they were all indoors. He would
jog my elbow for attention if I was using my laptop, often resting his head on my knee.
The birds would come and take his combed hair from a flower pot for their nests.

I am sure he suffered from pain but he would not moan. He would love you to
gently massage his hips and legs. He could not, in the last few months, get into the
boot of the car but together we managed to get him to lie down on the floor behind
my seat. We travelled to his favourite walks.

I have so much space in my life now. I have missed Brandy greatly but I was very
fortunate to be able to give an elderly goldie three and half years of being loved,
treasured and spoilt.

Thank you Irish Retriever Rescue for the wonderful work you all do”.



   Brandy, a 9 year old neutered, male Golden Retriever, was surrendered to IRR from
a family where he has lived for several years.

Brandy seems like a great golden boy.

Brandy's Dream Home:
We await further information from his foster home in the next few days.

Behaviour with other animals:
Brandy has been living with another dog. Untested with other small animals.

Fostered in: Ipswich

July 2013

Brandy has gone to his Forever Home



2017 Irish Retriever Rescue