Sharon says "I am feeling very, very sad tonight. We had to have our lovely old
Bobby Bear put to sleep. We only had him for 21 months.
He was sent to us as a foster dog but we just couldn't let him go. He stayed and took
a huge part of our hearts which we gave freely to him.
We loved that old boy so much and we will love him forever"

Sharon tells us "Bobby came to us as a foster in January 2014 and wow did he turn
our lives upside down. We fell in love straight away so he was going nowhere! We felt
very honoured that IRR had entrusted this lovely old boy into our care.
He was underweight, and not very well but 6 months of special care, cuddles, love
and being spoilt with every need catered for helped him to become the big strong
male dog that he should have been.
He had a fantastic 18 months with me, Chris and his female doggie companions, Jesse
and Ella. He had lots of nice times, holidays and was never on his own. 
Sadly, the last three months had seen a decline in his general health.  Our Bobby Bear
was beginning to show his age!
The time came when we had to show our last act of love for him, the hardest bit ever,
the saddest bit!  The bit that would help him to keep his dignity. For him, we had to do it. 
We said our goodbyes on Wednesday 9 September 2015 after 21 months of being together.
We will never forget him, will always love him and we will always hold a very special
place in our hearts for him. 
RIP Bobby Bear. You were simply the best.
Love you forever 

Sharon, Chris, Jesse and Ella"


Brave Bobby was surrendered to IRR as he was picked up as a stray. We think he was
most likely between 10-12 years old.
His coat was very badly matted from sleeping outdoors in inclement weather and he
was generally suffering from neglect. 

Bobby is a lovely old boy who wants nothing more than to be loved. He's good with
other dogs and with every person he's come into contact with, a real gem of a
golden boy. While we don't know his exact age, the vet believes he's an older boy but
he still has a sprightly spring in his step. 

Bobby's dream home:
This handsome gentleman has had a tough life and he deserves the most loving and
caring home to live out the rest of his days surrounded by love, warmth and affection.
He will reward you with all the love in his big heart.

Behaviour with other animals:
Good with dogs, untested with cats. 

February 2014

Bobby's fosterer has fallen in love with him, so he will be spending the rest of his days
with Sharon and his new sisters Jesse and Ella.

Update from Bobby's Forever Home April 2014

Bobby is settled and happy. Now he is well, he is a big strong confident boy.
He loves cuddles, his walks and plays for ages with his Kong. He is much fitter
now and his legs don't give way like they used to. He runs round the
garden just because he can. It's so lovely to see. He loves his food and has a
very good appetite.  He has put 2 stones on in weight since we have had him.

He likes to spend time with Chris, my husband when he is working from
home and will lay under his desk.

We own a holiday home in Scotland and we all go up there together as often as we
can which they all enjoy.

Thank you for Bobby and Jesse

2015 Irish Retriever Rescue