LIZZIE (was Elizabeth)

SLEEP IN PEACE, LOVELY LADY (2004 – 8.7.2016) 

On Friday 8th July, dear sweet Lizzie had to be given sleep. She was probably about 12yrs old.

After her truly dreadful early life, Lizzie had found real happiness and love
with Joan, Louis, her Labrador brother, and Chloe, the cat, which she enjoyed
for 21months. She deserved more time but that wasn’t meant to be.

At least, she crossed Rainbow Bridge whilst held in loving arms. She cheated death
once before and, had she not been rescued, it would have been so different and
unimagineably awful for her but instead, thanks to Joan, it was as perfect as it could be.

Lizzie had developed heart problems and a few other minor niggles but they
were all being managed. Then, she became really ill with pancreatitis quite
suddenly and was going downhill quickly. She was even refusing to eat which is
never a good sign in a Labrador. An MRI scan showed a huge inoperable mass so
there was really only one course of action to be taken although the vet did send
her home armed with painkillers, steroids and antibiotics.  

Lizzie scoffed chicken and Louis was grateful to share with her too but Joan could see
her girl was very restless and uncomfortable. Joan knew to keep her going
would not be right for her beloved Lizzie so she went back to the surgery
within a couple of hours of leaving.

The vet gave Lizzie a sedative in the back of the car and Joan sat with her, feeding
her even more chicken, until she fell asleep and started snoring. Then, one
quick injection and she was gone. It was extremely peaceful and perfect for
Lizzie whilst being devastating for poor Joan.

On Saturday, Joan drove from Plymouth up to Companions Haven in Bristol where
she sat with Lizzie’s Aunty Pauline saying their last goodbyes to their lovely
Romanian lady. Lizzie looked really beautiful and so peaceful covered with her pink
blanket and with a posy of Joan’s flowers in a little pot by her side.

So many people loved Lizzie and will be eternally grateful to Joan for giving her such
a wonderful life and an equally perfect end.

Fly high with the angels lovely Lizzie. You will never be forgotten.


Lizzie is a ten year old, snowy white, Labrador. Her rescue and medical care has
been funded by private donors. Irish Retriever Rescue is assisting with her rehoming.
She is a small, dainty girl who came to us from a high kill shelter in Romania. 
Since arriving in her foster home Lizzie has shown that she loves to have
access to the garden as having a good nose round is clearly her favourite pastime!
She loves her walks, doesn't pull on the lead and likes to sniff everything going. 
She is calm indoors, gets on well with the other dogs and ignores the cats. 
She is quite underweight so will require a good diet to build her up. 
She will always come for a cuddle and will happily sit and be petted for as
 much time as her human has got.  Lizzie would like to be in a calm home,
where someone is present much of the time to give her the love and
attention she clearly needs and deserves.

October 2014 - Elizabeth has gone to her Forever Home

Update from Elizabeth from her Forever Home October 2014


On Monday 29th September, I met my forever Mum (Joan) and my new brother Louis
for the first time and all went very well. Mum left a blankie with their smells on it for
me and it was arranged to meet again the next day so my new adventure could begin.

Well, it was all beyond my wildest expectations and I had a fantastic afternoon in
Charmouth before setting out on the journey to my forever home. I was a bit sad to
see Aunty Ali go, as she had looked after me so well and loved me lots but my new
Mum and brother and my Aunty Pauline, who came to help me settle, were
determined to make me welcome and to show me what great
fun I had to look forward to.

I had my new harness carefully put on so I could get used to it and Aunty Pauline
walked me on the matching slip lead (for safety). I looked very smart and lots of
people looked and me and said "aaaaah". I think they thought I was a puppy as I
am a lot smaller than my brother Louis. I was ever so good and brave and wasn't
nervous at all. In fact, by the end I was venturing towards people to say "hello"to them.

The sea air was wonderful and I sniffed everything especially when we made our
way down on to the beach and I watched my brother swimming in this big stream
of water. I was rather impressed by him and I think I quite like him. The ducks came to
see us and that was fine but Mum decided the swan and her cygnets were a bit scary
so Louis got out at that point and we had a walk along the beach after that. I liked the
feel of the wet sand beneath my feet and I started gambolling along.

We climbed some steps up to a cafe and I did it all myself after a bit of help on
the first big one. Mum and Aunty P were well impressed. Then we had a walk
around the grass and I said a nice "hello" to a little poodle. After that Louis and I
shared Mum's icecream and Aunty P slipped me the crusts from her sandwich.
This was as well as having treats from the sausages Mum had brought along specially.
Mum said I was definitely a proper Labrador as I have hollow legs. I think
maybe that is a good thing? 

The humans sat on a wooden bench quite high up overlooking the sea  to have
their foodie bits and Louis sat on the bench cuddled tight up to Mum because he
pretended to be scared of a loudish chain noise coming from the beach!!  Well, he
didn't fool ME ........ it was just an excuse for a cuddle ..... couldn't Mum see
through that? ..... I think she is a VERY soft touch but I really, really like her.
She has a soft and gentle voice and I can tell she is very, very kind.

So, where was I? Oh I know, Lou Lou was on the bench and I lay at their feet.
After a few minutes of us all taking in the fresh air, Louis got off and pawwed my
back cos he wanted me to play. I was just starting to doze off too!!!!!! So, that
was me on my feet but then he decided to play the rude boy game on
me ........ hmmmmmm, I soon put HIM in his place!!!!!!! I think he now knows
I am boss but that is fine by him:)  

Well, we were at Charmouth about 2 hours altogether so then it was almost time to go.
Louis is VERY uncouth and had to drink water poured for him from a bottle so it is
like a tap running. I, of course, was much more of a lady and drank my water from a
bowl. The humans then had one more try to see if I wanted a wee but I wasn't in
the mood so we then all got into the car. Louis went in his special bit at the back.
Mum sat in the front to drive and I went on the back seat with Aunty P. They put
this special clip between my harness and the seat belt clip so I would be safe and not
be able to move about but, laying on the pink vet bed, I settled down immediately and
started to doze. I think the humans were well impressed.

After a few miles we stopped and said "goodbye" to Aunty P then she drove off in her
own car whilst Mum, Louis and I made for home ......... my forever home:)

I think it was about an hour and a half later when we eventually stopped moving.
Ma had planned to take me in her house first and then get Louis but we were so settled
in each other's company that we all went in at the same time. I had a good look round
the garden and house which included shooting straight up the stairs to investigate.
That scuppered another of Mum's careful plans as I came face to face with Chloe.
I stopped (respectfully) and she eyed me up and down but seemed to think I was OK
(for a dog). She didn't even mind when I polished off the remains of her cat food. Louis
had warned me to be careful with her as she could be quite evil but she was putty in
my paws. I think she is actually a real puddy tat. 

Anyway, Mum decided that re-installing the stair gate may be a good idea so, in future,
Chloe wouldn't have her food nicked especially during the day when we have a
short while alone together.

After that, Louis, Mum and I all went off on a short walk so I would get used to the
neighbourhood and, hopefully I would have a wee but I didn't as I was still feeling too
excited and happy. So then we came home again ........... home, I really do like that word.

Now it was time to choose my bed so I went for the big one belonging to Louis.
I promptly marked it as mine by having a huge wee ........ well, when you gotta go,
you gotta go. Mum wasn't cross or anything. She just bundled up the vet bed and
stuck it in a washing machine thingy. Luckily the bed itself was fine so she just put
more fleecy stuff in. But, I had decided it was definitely mine and Louis is happy in the
small one, even though he does hang over it a bit. That's when he's not
laying on the settee, that is.

We had a lot of treats together and we were fine around food but Mum still
separated us a bit to have our tea.  She gave us kongs with our evening meal inside
so I would get used to one ready for when she had to go out the next day. She
wasn't sure I would know what to do with a kong but I showed her I am well smart,
mastering it and getting through it quickly. Louis ate most of his but then wandered off
and left it so I nipped in quick to finish his food off too. He wasn't bothered at all and,
I have to say, losing a pound or two certainly won't kill him:))))))))))))

I think he likes having me about and I really like him too (although I wouldn't tell him that).
Mum settled down on the settee after that and I jumped up and cuddled in behind her
so there was plenty of room beside her for my new brother. We are a proper family already.

So that was my first afternoon and evening. I'll let you know how I am
doing again very soon.

Big hugs to you all but especially to my wonderful Aunty Ali who showed me
how good life can be.

luv Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MORE FROM ELIZABETH  (Thu, 2 Oct 2014)
Hi again everyone

Just to say, a couple of days on, all is well. 

We did have a sleepless night the first night as I found it hard to settle and couldn't
stop sniffing about and investigating. Things came to a head when I decided to drag a
box containing cat food across the floor at 2.30am. Mum came down and proceeded
to empty the box and find a very safe place for the pouches .... what a spoil sport!!!!!!
 While she was distracted, I nipped upstairs and polished off yet another bowl of delicious
cat food. Mum was muttering something about Chloe having to stop her habit of
grazing and learn to eat her food properly in one go. Her grub is sooooo delicious so I
can't understand how she could leave a morsel ..... I certainly don’t:) Louis was very
amused by all my antics and looked on with great approval. Poor Mum had to have lots
and lots of black coffee to stay awake yesterday.

We had a lovely walk in the morning and I saw bunnies which was fun. Mum was
pleased with me as I made no attempt to chase them (unlike Louis). After we got back,
Mum had to go out so she separated us (to be on the safe side) and we each had our
enormous kong stuffed full of breakfast goodies. After licking the kong totally clean, I
settled down to sleep as I was feeling quite tired by then and, in no time at all, Mum was back.
She was pleased with me as there were no puddles which she had been half expecting to
see as I was too excited to perform out on our morning walk or in the garden when we
got back. She tried me in the garden again straight away but, again, nothing. I came back
in again and .. ooops ...I decided a pee right in the doorway would be a good way to
perplex her. She thinks I am busily marking my territory and will soon get the hang of
doing the right thing by copying Lou. It's true I am a wee bit anxious about having to
up sticks again but my flower essences are definitely working on me, nice & gently
like they do and Mum keeps reassuring me.

Anyway, yesterday lunchtime, we all went out for a walk again and, normally,
according to Loo, at this point we would go back to work with Mum and accompany
her on her rounds but, for now, we are doing the stay at home thing to give me
more chance to settle. In any case, it wasn't long before Mum was back and
we went out yet again.

We had a lovely evening and Mum fixed the baby gate across the doorway to
Chloe's bedroom (she has her own) but the silly cat left her food yet again and,
having followed the "aaah bisto" smell, it would have been churlish not to clean the
bowl wouldn't it? You see, having moved the gate from the stairs to the doorway
for the evening, Ma hadn't 100% secured it so one barge and I had easily got through:) 

I heard Mum telling Aunty P on the phone she thought 2 baby gates would be the
answer so they could both be more securely fixed and permanently with Mum
leaving the gate open when it was OK for me to go upstairs. Apparently, we
already have an extra tall gate as Louis used to be "naughty" with the cat food
too at one time so she just needs to get one more. 

Mum had some sewing friends to meet early in the evening so she took us both along.
Louis jumped in the back of the car and so did I but I soon got scared when Louis
started barking at a strange cat. Mum stopped immediately and transferred me to
the inside bit of the car where I had much more room to spread out even with my
security clip on. We stayed in the car for about an hour while they did whatever it is
they do and then all the ladies came out to see us (well ME really). They all cooed
over me. Louis says Mum sees them all once a month. Ma took the opportunity
after her meeting of giving us another different walk so that was great.

Once we got back to the car, we went home for a nice leisurely evening together
then we all went upstairs and, last night, I chose to go and snuggle up to Mum on
her bed to go to sleep which was lovely.

This morning we had a really brilliant walk in the big park nearby and I met
loads of other dogs there. Mum put a long line on me so I could have a bit more
freedom this time but I stayed pretty close to her anyway and, on the one
occasion when I lagged behind to chat to a Spaniel, Mum called me and I immediately
raced up to her. Mum was over the moon and I was happy cos I got a nice food
reward. Mum has work today and tomorrow and then we have the whole
weekend together to look forward too. Louis says, in a few weeks time we will go
to a nice cottage in Wales (Ma goes there because there are no fireworks
which poor Loo is terrified of). I must say, we are all really looking
forward to that time away together.

Before that we are going on a journey so I can meet my new Grandpa and
Ma's sister. We will stay overnight and then come back home again but, en route,
we will call in and see Aunty Pauline again and we will be able to have a run in her
100% secure field where I will be able to be totally off lead. I can't wait for that.

So, all in all, everything is going really, really well and Mum loves me to bits already
cos she keeps telling me so and she tells Louis the same so he won't feel left out.

I know you have all cared about me lots and it was you who made sure I was safe
and free so I wanted to say a big "thankyou" to everyone.

Big hugs and kisses to you all

love from a very, very happy Lizzie xxxx

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue