These gorgeous old boys were rescued together and now they are reunited, together
forever at Rainbow Bridge

Di says "When they first came, we discovered that Jack seemed very unhappy to be
called Jackson or even Jacko – maybe it brought back memories that he would prefer
to forget.  So we tried using Jack instead. He learnt it quickly and would come to us,
tail wagging.  So his name became Jack. We also discovered that Riley was stone deaf
so his name didn’t need changing, poor lad.

The house is extremely empty – we’ve never been dogless before".



RUN FREE LITTLE MAN (14.10.2017)

This morning, Jack made the final journey to Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with his
darling sister Suki, bruv Riley and all our other dogs who, for sure, are waiting for him there.

Jack (formerly Jackson) had not been right for some days, had been vomiting all
night and then collapsed in the early hours. Di and Rob took him to the emergency
vet at the vet hospital where they believed he would be kept in for treatment.
Unfortunately, after a number of tests, the vet determined he was bleeding internally
from tumours on his liver and probably on his pancreas as well so, after a long discussion
with Rob and Di, they all decided the best thing for Jack was for him to say “goodbye”.

He really enjoyed his two and a half years with his wonderful humans especially while
his sister, Suki, was still around but, in his later months, it was obvious he missed her
a lot. He was also getting more and more uncomfortable as his arthritis became so
bad it had become almost unmanageable.

Di says “He was an adorable little dog and we’re really thankful that IRR rescued him and
Riley so we could, yet again, be failed fosterers by adopting them. We’ll miss our little
lad so much – he was such a funny character and all the family loved him.
Run free little man – we’ll miss you loads xxxx”


Suki was an honorary IRR girl. On Saturday, 1st Apr 2017 she announced “Empress
Suki has come of age. I'm 18 today!!!   It's my official birthday 'cos no one knows when
my real one is except that I was 12 when I was handed in to the Oldies Club in April 2011. 
My lovely Mr Vet decided that I should have an official birthday, just like the Queen.
I’m a bit less active than I was and lie around a lot with my bruv, Jack. My legs are wobbly
but I still manage to do a bit of digging now and again”. 

On Wednesday 5th April, a heartbroken Di told us “Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Suki
yesterday.  Her 18 years caught up with her and she began to shut down so we let her
go in a dignified and loving way.  She seized life with all four paws and made an indelible
mark on our lives. She was foster mum to many dogs who passed through our home
and was a wonderful fun companion to those who stayed especially Princess Holly.

Suki was bossy, obstinate and utterly adorable. We'll miss her so much and she leaves
a huge gap in our family

Run free, darling Sooks and have fun with all our other dogs at the Bridge. We love you”. 




 On Friday 20th May 2016, we received this dreadful news from Di " I'm sad to have
to report that Riley was put to sleep today.  He'd soldiered on for so long with all his health problems but, this week, we knew he had just reached the end and could no longer cope.   

We had a long discussion with the vet and we all agreed that it was the right
time to say goodbye. 

Poor old lad - he had so much wrong with him but at least he was comfortable,
safe and loved for the time we had together.   We'll miss him a lot - he was such a darling."  

All at IRR are really sad but Riley had a fabulous 14 months with Di and Rob for which
we can never thank them enough.


It was a horrible week for Di and Rob.  Jack was rushed into the vet hospital on
Tuesday with kidney failure and spent two days on a drip to flush out his kidneys.
He went home on Thursday and had to be watched carefully to see if the
improvement was sustained.  He needed some more blood tests on Monday to see if
the improvement created by the drip was being maintained.  If it was, the vet says he
could be ok for a few months.  If not, the prognosis would be  very poor.     

On Friday, Di told us "Jack is such a happy, active little soul and to see him unwell
and droopy was awful. Today, he seems almost back to his perky self so we're
keeping everything crossed".

We were all hoping and praying that Jackson would pull through and that the loss of
Riley wouldn't be too hard for him to bear.  

   On Mon 23rd May, much to everyone's relief, Di gave us this update on Jackson.

"Jack had his check up at the vet this afternoon and we've just had the blood test
results. They do show that he has kidney failure but it appears to be progressing quite
slowly so he could have several months of quality life.  

We thought we were going to lose him too so this is good news - we can make sure
we cram all the love and fun we can into the time that he has left.  He's such a happy
little lad and at the moment he's back to being his usual perky self. 

Long may it continue - perhaps our angel, Holly, can let him know her secret of
staying alive against the odds?"


When they came into IRR's care, both boys were aged 10 years old and neutered. 


Di tells us:

"Riley and Jack have been here for five months now and it seems as though they’ve
always been part of our doggy family.  Riley spends most of the time with our
ancient goldie bitch, Suki.   We suspect she’s teaching him how to be a naughty
goldie as he’s learnt to be obstinate, how to dig holes and how to demand food,
loudly.  He has recently started to have silly times as well, bouncing around
asking Jack to play and generally behaving like a puppy. When our 4 year old
grandson comes to visit, Riley always lies beside him and is quite happy to be part
of any game.  He is the most gentle, sweet natured dog and loves to snuggle
up for a cuddle.   Sadly though, Riley has been quite unwell and our vet suspects
he has pancreatic cancer.  At present he is on lots of medication which is keeping
him comfortable and stable and he has his own air conditioner to help him cope
with the hot weather – he’s on steroids so has difficulty regulating his body
temperature.  We are determined that the rest of his life, however long or short,
will be completely happy, comfortable and filled with love. 
Irish Retriever Rescue is giving us lots of support, especially by paying Riley’s
ongoing and very substantial vet’s bills. 

Jackson, now called Jack, just wants love and tummy rubs.  As soon as he catches
your eye, he rolls over, legs in the air, asking for a cuddle.  And guess what…...we fall
for it every time.  He’s full of beans and loves to wander round the garden with
Suki, looking for mischief.  He likes to dig holes in the lawn and when discovered,
wiggles up to you and rolls over for a cuddle.  Who can resist?  Unfortunately, Jack’s
health isn’t brilliant either.  He has a liver problem which is being monitored and the
arthritis in his legs is worsening which makes walking difficult for him.  Jack, however,
completely ignores all the problems and just carries on being Jack.  He’s down to his
ideal weight which helps and he’s on anti inflammatory medication and supplements
which keep him comfortable.   He also has several soft, snuggly beds to choose from
when he wants a snooze. 

Riley and Jack are the most lovable and loving dogs you could wish for and the
whole family adores them.  We are so lucky that we were chosen to foster these
boys – so that we could fail and adopt them."


Both Riley and Jackson have very serious health issues but they both fell on all four
paws when they were adopted by Di and Rob as they are proven experts at caring
for elderly, sick dogs and giving them the most wonderful, much longer
than expected, happy lives.
Di says " Riley adores Suki and is learning to be a goldie – he follows her about and
joins her in loudly demanding food, walks etc.  Trouble is, once he gets out for
his walk he hasn’t got the energy to go for more than about five minutes, poor old lad. 
He hasn’t put on any more weight but then he hasn’t lost any either – although the
vet says that may be just the steroids.   His medication seems to be keeping him
stable at the moment and the vet was pleased with him at the last check.  We’re
hoping for a cool summer as he can’t cope with the heat at all (we had him clipped a
bit at his last visit to the groomers and that’s helped a lot).   Hopefully,
though, he’ll be like Holly – he looks so much like her so let’s hope he has the
same constitution.
Jackson is also stable at the moment in terms of his liver. He has another blood test
next week to see if his liver enzymes are coming down. If they are, that’s good
but if not, then almost certainly he has liver cancer.  However, whatever the
outcome of that, he is in increasing pain with his arthritic elbows. The vet says
both are really thickened with lots of crepitus and there’s lots more pain than there
was. He limps all the time now.   He’s on an extra pain killer as well as his
anti inflammatory and all his supplements – so all that is making him a bit
sleepier than usual.  David’s vet was right when he said he was very worried
about Jackson’s arthritis – it is definitely going to be life limiting. Our intention is to
make sure that he has a happy time, virtually painfree until that can no longer be.

Latest news (July). With the arrival of hot weather, the air conditioning unit, paddling
pool and ice mats are being life savers. 

Riley and Jackson have lived with their owner since they were puppies and are very
much loved but, due to work changes, it has become impossible to care for them
properly any more. They remained in "owner foster" while they received
the necessary vaccinations etc.

Riley, the Retriever, is like the big brother, always looking out for Jackson, the black
Labrador. They sleep together and both are very friendly.They live by the sea so
both dogs love the beach and the water and they enjoy playing whether it be with a
ball or a toy. Riley is very intelligent and his owner swears he even knows what you are thinking. Jackson is very obedient and would never leave your side whereas Riley is
inquistive and likes adventure. Their heartbroken owner says they really are two great dogs.
We are not anticipating any major problems from these happy go lucky boys.

So far, we have no information on Riley's and Jackson's thoughts with regard to small
children, cats, dogs and other animals but we are not anticipating any major problems
from these happy go lucky boys.

Riley and Jackson are now being fostered in West Essex.

Since being in their foster home, they have been found to be playful and happy.
They are very well adjusted dogs, being neither dominant nor nervous, timid,
fearful or anxious. Both are very friendly with people and other animals.
Jackson loves pottering around the garden with a ball in his mouth. He can be a
bit boisterous but will settle eventually while Riley is calm and laid back.

Social learning
Both Riley and Jackson are housetrained and they both travel well.
Riley is well behaved, enjoys being brushed and is easy to walk on the lead
Riley comes to his name while Jackson not only knows his name but also sits on command.
Jacko is definitely the brains of the duo!!!!!
Neither of them are toy or food possessive.
Neither suffers with separation anxiety but they do like to be involved in everything.

Dogs: They are both friendly with other dogs.

General Health
Their general health is quite good with no skin or dental problems. Their coats are improving
with good food and regular brushing.
Their fosterer has been giving them joint supplements and gentle exercise, which he has
been gradually building up, and, already, there is a marked improvement in their mobility.
Riley’s daily walk has now reached 40 mins and he seems to really look forward to it.

Riley's and Jackson's dream home  

Riley and Jackson are an inseparable pair who need to be rehomed together. A seaside
home would be idyllic but isn't essential as long as they are able to continue to play
together. Most importantly, they need someone to love them as much as their owner
has and, we are sure, they will both return that love in spades.

Riley Jackson
Riley Jackson
Riley Jackson Riley
Riley after being groomed

March 2015

Riley and Jackson have gone to live in their Forever Home with Rob and Di.


2015 Irish Retriever Rescue