A very sad Christine and Michael said “Today, we had to have our beloved Sally put to
sleep, her back end had gone. She captured our hearts from day 1. We will
so miss her, as will Joe.

She was a lovely gentle dog, such a character, and she enriched our lives so much.

We have loved looking after Sally since the day we picked her and Joe up from their
fosterers, Alison and David, in 2014

Thank you IRR, for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such a character and the
"little cutie", that Sally was and for giving us the chance of having her in our lives.”

A week on they told us “Dearest Joey is still sad and unsettled, wondering where
Sally is perhaps? But, rest assured, he is getting lots of cuddles and fuss as we share
this sad time together. 

We have always said we needed Joey and Sally as much as they needed us! We have
many memories of her forever in our hearts and feel totally blessed to have had her in
our lives for two and a half wonderful years.”




Joey (aged 6) and Sally (aged 8) were surrendered to IRR due to a change in
family circumstances. 

They are very close and we feel they have a calming effect on each other and for these reasons we would like them to be rehomed together. 

Both are happy around children but we would not recommend that they are rehomed
in a house with cats present

Sally and Joey will be coming to the UK at the end of August.

Sally Joey Sally

September 2014

Sally and Joey have gone to their Forever Home

October 2014 - update from their Forever Home

Just a quick update they are settling in well, we had them on the beach this afternoon.
Sally went for a paddle but Joe kept to the shallows
from Christine and Michael


Michael says Sally and Joe are a joy to live with. Sally, whose coat is starting to grow
back nicely, will walk off lead now and is good on the recall but Joe is more of a challenge.
He is, apparently, OK as long as there are no other distractions, like dogs and people
around, which means being very vigilant because, in Michael's own words, " he’s so
darn fast when he starts to run but he’s getting there".  
Sally and Joe both love to meet other dogs and people and they also love to play with
each other. Even though they have their own beds, Sally prefers the settee in the
conservatory. Michael tells us "she likes her comfort does our Sally (she also prefers
to have breakfast lying down)".
He also recounted to their fosterers "Christine forgot your warning about Sally and
shopping bags. ..... she helped herself to a tub of cheese savoury the other
afternoon ..... but who can blame her?"
It is clear Sally and Joe are both loved to bits and have their paws very firmly
under the table so everyone at IRR , especially Alison and David, is delighted.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue