2015 Golden Successes

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Riley (was Dannie) Goldie Honour Honey Jake
Turner Sparky Maximillian Robbie Harvey
Buddy Saphie and Molly Poppy Harley
Maggie and Millie Max Marnie and Toby
Robbie (was Robin) Hannah (was Sandy) Tilly Hunny Rosco
Benson and Murph Carla Sam Farley
Daisy (was Bonnie) George Barney and Daragh Lady Bailey
Jass Zeba Star Rosie Archie
Starlight Magic Hector (was Pepe) Gemini Charlie (was Finnegan)
Lola (was Loka) Max and Scout Buster Honey Bob
Ollie (was Ali) Jenny (was Gerri) Marley Lily April (was Kerina)
Tilly Ozzie and Jack Radley (was Oisin) Pele Rosie
Sax (was Lir) Milo and Roxie Polly (was Dora) Saffie
Peggy Simba Lola Penelope and Watson
George Cassie (was Tina) Remus Bailey (was Fiachra) Louis
Buddy Lola Rocky Harry Danny
Alfie and Josh Lucy Alex Riley and Jackson
Ben Sandy Jazz Max Beau
Sam Palomina Teddy Mollie Poppy

T'was the middle of Winter
And out in the snow
Dogs frollick and play 
In the moon's golden glow 
With tails wagging hard,  
Life as good as could be
They think of the people
Who set them all free.

Times once were so hard
But now things are just great
They're treasured and loved
Not the subjects of hate
Thanks to the folk
Who had emptied the Pound
Making sure for their rescues
A  safe place was found

The kind foster carers
Who welcomed them in
Washed them and fed them
No matter their "sin"
Then once they were ready
To new homes they'd go
Their own special people
Forever we know

So many people
In so many ways
Help with the rescue
Of sad waifs and strays
All the effort and time
By kind people so driven
Donations of money
So happily given

Twas the middle of Winter
The dogs gather round
Goldies, once playing,
Don't utter a sound
They ask for a blessing
From angels above
A prayer for the carers
Who gave so much love


Poem by Jeff Shepherd








2015 Irish Retriever Rescue