2015 Non Golden Successes

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Honey Bobby (was Briar) Daisy Poppy  
Freya Jessy Shamrock Axl (was Bramble Meme-Rose (was Rosie)
Moe Ava Bear Barley Millie
Louis Teddy Dudley Peanut Unity
Alfie (was Morgan) Maxim Nushka Uimi Murphy
Tarran Abbey Chloe Bob Rafi
Nanuk Heidi Marley Sir Lancelot Bruce
Dillon Dixie (was Pixi) Finbar (was Willis) Trixie Jilly
Victor Henry Finbar Pearl Morgan (was Freeman)

Would mum and babes survive the night?
What was the squealing sound?
An angel from her bed came down
And shone her torch around
The mum lay rigid, filled with dread 
Fear filled her troubled mind
Life always cruel, she knew for sure,
No human could be kind.

How wrong she was, life could be good
And all was perfect now
As all three cuddled in her home
The lady made a vow
All three could stay forever more
No hell for Moon again
And Star and Twinkle, lucky pups
Would never suffer pain

Now through the day and every night
All four will gather round
Moon, Star and Twinkle gazing up
At the angel they had found
So many strays have found their home
A haven free from fear
They were the first but not the last
No waifs unwelcome here


Poem by Jeff Shepherd










2015 Irish Retriever Rescue