As you all know, running a rescue doesn’t come cheap but we are very fortunate to
have a wonderful fundraising team and loyal supporters that help us to balance
the books every month.  At IRR we pride ourselves on never appealing for funds to
cover our everyday expenses to rescue dogs and have never turned away an Irish
Golden, but every now and then comes a special case who needs extra support, so………

Meet BARNIE…..

Barnie was bought as an 8 week old pup by a family in Ireland. As he grew they noticed
that his gait was not normal and sought veterinary advice, the vet suspected possible
hip dysplasia but due to his age could not confirm a diagnosis.  As Barnie grew, their
child’s asthma worsened to the point that a difficult decision had to be made. 
At 5 months old they approached the breeder and were quickly rebuffed, but
thankfully an internet search lead them to IRR and here we are.

When Barnie came into our care, it was very quickly apparent that Barnie’s condition
may be slightly more complicated than suspected HD.  In addition to a very awkward
gait and balance issues, he was also experiencing tremors and signs of possible cerebral
damage. Unlike his breeder we didn’t turn him away; instead we promised Barnie that
IRR would do whatever it took to get a definitive diagnosis and whatever treatment
was available because IRR have the best supporters in the world.

Barnie is now in the UK, has had a full blood panel, x rays, a referral to a neurologist at
the AHT and an MRI scan.  Costs already stand at £2,470.00.

The MRI indicated cerebellar atrophy (possible cerebellar cortical degeneration).  The AHT
have never seen this condition in a Golden Retriever so the prognosis is extremely guarded. 
The closest comparison that can be drawn is in relation to the cases of 3 labradors,
unfortunately the brain disease in these dogs rapidly advanced and all 3 barely made a year old.

On a positive note, there is no sign of degeneration in Barnie’s symptoms and he remains
a happy pup. All we can do is to monitor and treat the clinical symptoms, make his life
as happy as it can be for as long as is possible, and hope that he defies all expectations.

In order to ensure that Barnie’s life, no matter how long or short it may be, is as happy
and comfortable as possible, WE ARE APPEALING FOR A FOREVER FOSTER HOME.

This means that IRR will cover all medical expenses in relation to Barnie for life, what we
ask in return, is that somebody open their home and their hearts to him and is prepared
for the potential care and heartache involved.

Ideally Barnie’s fosterer carer will meet the following criteria:

It is imperative that Barnie’s fosterer is at home for the large majority of the day.

No other dogs or 1 calm older bitch – Barnie’s condition means that he is more vulnerable
to serious injury from normal ruff and tumble play.

A large garden and somebody that can offer Barnie regular exercise to strengthen his muscles.

Somebody within travelling distance to the AHT in Newmarket or another specialist Neurology department.

If you think you can offer Barnie what he needs we would be delighted to hear from you:

please email: irr.rehoming@gmail.com

If you cannot help with fostering, you can still help secure Barnie’s future and help us
honour our promise to him by donating to his fund; every donation no matter how
small is gratefully received.

Donations can be made in the following ways:

Bank:  Account Name: Irish Retriever Rescue
Sort Code: 30 99 29
Account Number: 27769160

Paypal:  irr.donate@yahoo.co.uk

Please mark any donation “Barnie”.  Should funds raised exceed the expenses incurred for Barnie, it is IRR’s intention that any additional money is put towards the care of another dog in need.  Should you NOT wish your donation to be used for any other dog, please advise at the time of donation.
On behalf of the trustees and most importantly, Barnie, THANK YOU.

Video of Barnie in December 2015 when he was first surrendered to IRR:

Barnie in the UK on 24th January:

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