It is with great sadness that Janet told us of the loss of her beloved Heidi after a
short illness. Her hard life had caught up with her and her weakened immune
system left no options. There was no more that could have been done so Heidi was
given sleep on Thursday 19th May.

After the most horrible of lives, Heidi has been given 14 wonderful months of true
happiness in an idyllic country home with Janet and family. She has been showered with
love and has had the freedom to enjoy a garden which is no less than a dog paradise.
In return, she has left behind her the legacy of her beautiful puppy, Uimi, who is
now just over a year old

Uimi aged 6 months Heidi and Uimi

Thankyou so much to Janet and family for giving Heidi a wonderfully happy life and for
ensuring her passing was peaceful and painless.

Heidi was a gentle, loving girl who will be much missed by Janet and her sons. Fly free with
the other dog angels, little lady.



Heidi is a 7 year old female Black Labrador who was waiting for a season
before being neutered. 


Heidi was settling in beautifully in her lovely, peaceful forever home with Janet, her son and
her other 2 dogs and a cat but everything was about to change in a very big way when an exciting
discovery was made.
The gorgeous Heidi had been one of a group of 5 girls and 2 boys who all came at the
same time from Romania. When it was discovered that one of the other bitches was pregnant,
to be on the safe side, Heidi was examined and found to be in the same condition. This
was a big cause for concern, both because of her age and the various medical
treatments she had received, but we needn't have worried as she gave birth to just the
one very big and healthy
baby boy on 29th April. He was going to be called UIMI which is
Romanian for " a surprise" but it came as no surprise when Janet decided he would
be staying with her and his Mum forever.
Because of the dates his father could only be Bruce which actually meant Uimi is a full Labrador.
As it turned out Uimi would have twelve half siblings, 6 born to Cassie and 6 more born to Rosie.

All are doing really well and all have found their loving forever homes.

So, thanks to the persuasive powers of a certain, clearly very experienced, puppy farm stud dog who was determined to have one final fling, we had 13 pups who we called BRUCIE'S LITTLE BONUSES.


She was rescued from a high kill Pound in Romania.



 We have been told "this beautiful girl is the oldest and acts like grandma.
She loves water and eating". 

In real life, she is even more beautiful and quite petite. She has a lovely nature and
is a gorgeous dog.  


Housetraining: She has lived outside her whole life so housetraining is a work in
progress but it is very early days yet. Heidi is eager to please and is learning all the time
from the other dogs so we are confident this will be cracked soon.

Leadtraining: Again this is all new to her but she is getting there after
just a few days.

Children:   She is supposed to be very good with all kinds of people but we will know
more about her suitability for children once she has been longer in foster. 

Dogs:   She was supposed to be very good with new dogs. She is, in fact, excellent with them. She already has a best pal who she is happy to snuggle up with.

Cats: Untested with cats. She is so sweet and gentle, though, we don't envisage a problem.


This amazing girl could probably fit in anywhere and be happy anywhere. She is an
absolute dream of a dog and anyone would be honoured to be adopted by her.

March 2015

Heidi has gone to her Forever Home.

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue