Our Magnificent Seven were born on Sat 13th / Sun 14th June 2015 to Lily who was
living with her forever Mum, Barbara and new big sister, Micha, in Somerset.

It was all very unexpected but Barbara was amazing and rallied to the cause getting everything prepared for the imminent birth. The dining room part of her lounge diner became
Lily's pad for 9 weeks. This was where she was to give birth to her babies with the help
of Barbara and her very good friend Gill.

The times and weights at birth were:-

13/6/15 10.27pm Poppy Female 440gms White
13/6/15 10.55pm Daisy Female 470gms White
14/6/15 12.04am Shamrock Male 443gms White
14/6/15 12.36am Bramble Male 541gms Black
14/6/15 12.45am Rosie Female 421gms White
14/6/15 1.23am Briar Male 471gms Black
14/6/15 2.04am Honey Female 536gms White

It seems like it was a double mating. We were thinking that Lily and Magic must have
been mated at the puppy farm producing  five Golden Retriever pups but Lily must
have also had a paramour, the unknown father of the 2 black dogs!!!! 

All 7 were doing well and putting on weight.

The white dogs were all given coloured collars to identify them. Bramble and Briar were easy to
identify by their markings.

On Sunday 12th July 2015, Lily's litter at 4 weeks old were now all over 2kilos. The exact weights and
collar colours for the "goldens" were:-

Poppy Pink 2450gms
Daisy Gold 2390gms
Shamrock Green 2510gms
Bramble   2820gms
Rosie Red 2310gms
Briar   2670gms
Honey Purple 2230gms

With eyes open, the puppies were becoming more lively and playful although they zonked out again as soon as they felt tired. They started having more and more visitors which meant they were well handled and very used to people. Lily, their proud Mum was always happy to share them with the visitors and Micha looked on with interest making sure she still got her fair share of petting too. They were a very happy little family and the babies were soon all to have lovely homes lined up for them. 

Poppy Daisy Shamrock Bramble (now Axl) Rosie (now Meme Rose) Briar (now Bobby) Honey

The various puppy parents each came for a cuddle and went away excited and full of expectation
for the future. The puppies continued to grow, were weaned and became even more lively
(and a bit naughty). They became less reliant on Lily but all still remained close. 

Then the time came for Lily's children to leave home. The first two to go on 2nd August were Rosie
and Bramble (to become Axl and Meme Rose respectively) who were going to remain near
neighbours in Bedfordshire. Then Daisy went off to Wiltshire on 6th August and Shamrock followed
closely behind on 9th August, also going to Wiltshire. It was the following Friday, 14th August, when
Briar went to his home but he was staying locally. Then on Sunday 16th it was Honey's turn to say
 "goodbye" as she went off to live in Gloucestershire. That same night Poppy went to live next door.

Bobby (was Briar) Axl (was Bramble) and Meme-Rose (was Rosie) Shamrock
Honey Daisy Poppy

The puppies are all doing really well, still getting bigger and are all developing their own little personalities.
Our Magnificent seven:   Poppy,  Daisy, ShamrockAxl (was Bramble),  Meme Rose (was Rosie), Bobby (was Briar)
and Honey are growing up.

2016 Irish Retriever Rescue

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