Billy is a cream coloured, neutered, 3yr old Golden Retriever.  He has been
micro-chipped and inoculated.
This boy was originally in Ennis Pound and was taken out by Martina, from ‘Baby
Dog Rescue’ in Co. Clare. As far as we know, he never experienced love of any
description except from his rescuers and his Irish fosterer. 
He is currently in foster in Scotland.

He seemed pretty healthy when he came into IRR care but he needed to put on
about 8 kilos in weight. After just 10 days, he was putting on weight and getting
fitter and he is now bright eyed and has a lovely coat.

Sue, his first UK fosterer, said “Billy, as with most young dogs, has impish ways but
has a personality that would melt your heart. He can be a little stubborn but is
learning fast. He wants to be a playful pup but is not always sure how. He is a
lovely boy, everything you’d want a Retriever to be”.
Lynn says “Billy has been a well behaved boy and is very easy to look after. He is
alert and inquisitive, playful and happy. Poor Billy hates getting things wrong and if
given a row tends to flee to a safe zone showing signs of worry.

He is eager to please, obedient, learns from his mistakes and is very affectionate.
He loves his cuddles and to sit up beside you.

He obviously likes both human and doggy company. He is very pleased to see you
when you come back home and he gives you a lovely welcome”.  

Lynn tells us “As far as I can see he has one issue which is his obsession and distrust
of new dogs whilst on the lead. I took him and Betty to The Royal Highland Show
knowing we would meet lots and lots of dogs.

 Initially he “stalked” any dog he saw and a couple he air snapped at. He learned quite
quickly not to pull towards another dog but he remained focussed. By the end of
the day, he was walking past dogs without bothering about them. Many people let
their dogs meet us and Billy was very good and met them all politely if I asked him to
wait and let Betty say “hello” first. I asked him to wait and then gave him a loose lead
for him to decide how to behave towards the approaching dog. There was no snapping
or reaction of any kind provided Betty went first.

He was better behaved with the bigger dogs. Smaller dogs are obviously an area we
still need to work on. He took confidence from Betty throughout the day and got a
bit worried if he lost her in the crowds. He is a lovely dog who will improve with
further training to overcome his fear reactivity to new dogs”.

TRAVEL Billy travels well in the car.
HOUSETRAINING: He is house trained. He has been great in the house, no damage or mess.
RESOURCE GUARDING:  Sue, his previous fosterer said “Billy isn’t food possessive and hasn’t shown any signs of resource guarding. In fact, he is quite submissive.

Billy will let you take away his toys. He loves squeaky toys and chasing a tennis ball. He
will bring the ball back and drop it at our feet for us to throw again.

Billy is not a greedy dog and eats slowly. Billy ate but did not enjoy his kibble so is now
being fed Raw which he loves. He is fed with the others and is not aggressive.He will sit
and wait in turn with our dogs for a treat”.

LEADWALKING  and RECALL: Lynn says “He is great on our walks, where he runs and
plays and always sticks with the others. His recall is improving every day.

I’ve been using a special lead on Billy to help with his pulling on a normal lead and it is
working well with him. Now, he is walking well on the lead. He is good off the lead
on our walks and comes when called. He is a work in progress but I see an
improvement in him already”.

ADULTS and CHILDREN:  Lynn said he was fantastic with all the adults and children who
came over to cuddle, pat and admire him at The Royal Highland Show.

Billy met Sue’s youngish grandchildren (7 & 9yrs) without any incidents and he was
friendly towards them but he is not recommended with young children as he does
jump up. However, he would probably enjoy the active life with lots going on that
would be the case with teenagers.

DOGS: Lynn says “When he first arrived, he met all of my dogs with no issues in the
house. He was a bit watchful of the Boxers on the first day but soon got used to them.
He is mixing well with no issues and a bad word has not been said.

When he first arrived, I let him meet a couple of my daycare dogs and, on initial
meeting, he was rude and charged in, putting the other dog on guard. We, therefore,
have been doing some slow and polite approaches to new dogs and he is really
listening and beginning to get it. He picks things up quickly and listens and is eager to please”.

CATS: Lynn has no cats but we have been told  he does seem very interested when
he sees one of the cats in a home but it seems to be more curiosity than evil intent.
He has also been very interested when he saw a cat while on a walk and did want to give chase.


Billy needs a family who already has a confident and calm female dog that Billy can take a
lead from. He is unsure and not confident whilst being walked on the lead therefore
needs to be shown how it's done.
Billy’s family need to be patient and kind with him but they also need to be firm when
necessary. He mostly just needs a settled existence where he can slowly rebuild his
confidence and feel safe. Billy needs to learn that the world is not such a scary place
so he can overcome his fears. With reassurance, training and understanding, he is going to
be wonderful provided he is given the time to blossom. He loves to play chase and rough
and tumble so also needs a dog who will play with him.
An experienced dog person or family who is prepared to spend time with him,
giving him structure would be ideal. With continued
guidance, he will blossom into a confident boy who is eager to please and he will make a
wonderful family companion.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue