TED (was Major)


Ted (was Major) was rescued by IRR from a Northern Ireland pound in June 2016. 
He is an approximately 10yr old neutered, yellow Labrador.


Heather says “I was contacted by Nutts Corner Pound about a dog that was wandering
the streets. He was lifted by the dog warden and brought to Nutts Corner
where he did his 5 days.

I picked him.up on the Friday night and he was really unsteady on his feet and it was
apparent that his wee legs were riddled with arthritis. He had a lump on his lower jaw.
I took him to Firmount Vets to see what they thought. He was said to be around
10 years old, was very thin but in great spirits. He had open sores on his feet or what
looked like burns or  hot spots all over him. He was in a very sorry state.

I brought him home and used Aloe Vera gel and spray all over him to see if that helped him.

He walked well on a lead but got exceptionally tired very quickly. When we went out
for a walk, he was off lead and walked to heel with me. He absolutely loved swimming
and was in the river every day. He is a stubborn boy that can’t be shifted if he
decides not to do the task in hand. He loves water and drank from the hose. 

With the condition he was in, I honestly didn’t think he would make it through
the weekend. He was pitiful.  However, on the Monday he had his lump
removed and was castrated.

As everyone believed his days were numbered, he couldn’t be rehomed in the
normal way but would, instead, be a Forever Foster dog. June Wallace asked me if she
could care for him for the time he had left and I was happy to agree”. 


June, Forever Fosterer for Ted, says “He was not in a fit state to rehomed and was
therefore placed in forever foster with me in June 2016.

On 12th July, Ted became very ill and was in the vets on 3 occasions over 5 days. He
was very ill but, against all the odds, pulled through !

 Ted has been diagnosed to be in kidney failure and has been given maybe 6/9 months
but we hope life will be kind to him and let him be with us longer !

Ted cannot have NSAIDs due to his poor kidneys but he does get other meds and
has had some acupuncture which has been good for him and has given him some relief!

In August, Ted collapsed at the vets and they are unsure if this was a seizure or the
fact he ate his treats too quickly and it blocked his airways. He came to very quickly
and has been ok since  One of his hips is quite sore but the physiotherapy is helping
and he is eating like a wee trouper !

Despite everything, thanks to IRR, it is February 2017 and Ted is doing well. His back
legs are still slow but he is the happiest wee dog ever and he is loved by everyone.
He is as deaf as a post and would eat the pattern off a plate but I love him to bits”.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue