2017 Golden Successes

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Bailey Madoc and Sydil Ozzy Max  
Max Beau Florence Bella and Charlie
Phoebe and Holly Daisie (was Daizie) Maddie Luca (was Lucky)
Ben Bella and Amber (was Linda) Rosie (was Rozie) Toby and Elvis
Larkin Charlie (was Little Chief) Rascal Doug and Daisy (was Jan)
Valentino Ralph Rosie Bill and Ben Archie
Tobie Lexi Luke Murphy (was Dante) Otto (was Bosco)
Bertie (was Lord Bailey) Chester (was Buster) Lola Daisy and Millie Tara
Sadie Toby & Robyn Phoebe Finn and Rory
Walter Bailey Storm Miley Maxim

Dark gold, mid gold, cream and white. Everyone's a sheer delight.
Straight coat, wavy, even curly. Handsome chap or pretty girlie.
Clothes once black are Golden hairy even though our coat types vary
Houseproud folk do not compute. Remember pups aren't always cute.

We grow into enormous lumps, shedding hair in wispy clumps.
Despite the mayhem, we're not bad but please be sure we're not some fad.
A waggy tail and striding gait. What pleasures do our folks await?
Loyal, trusting, always true. Cuddles given right on cue. 

Tap, tap, tapping "Look at me". Resting paw on Mummy's knee.
Big brown eyes to melt our hearts. That is when the nudging starts
 Nose in armpit then a flick followed by a slurpy lick.
"Come on Daddy, come and play. Please don't send your mate away".

Lead in hand and off we go. A brand new walk? or one I know?
Oooh we're getting in the car. That means we must be going far.
We're at the woods and, come the end, I know the pleasure round the bend.
There's the beach, I spy the sea, all blue and sparkly, beckons me.

Water is a source of fun. Splishing, sploshing as we run
Ponds with fish and lakes and streams. Sea and sand fill Golden dreams. 
Twitching, cycling, getting wetter. Water's great but mud is better.
Wag, wag, wag as mud balls fly. That one got Daddy in the eye.

A shake that goes from head to toe. Mud and slobber all let go
On the ceiling, up the walls. "Is that you home my Mummy calls?"
My sheepish Dad with mop in hand tries to clean up where we stand
But Mum just laughs "It's only dirt". A Golden's muck can never hurt. 


Poem by Jeff Shepherd











2017 Irish Retriever Rescue