Larkin is a small, golden coloured male Golden Retriever. He was 5 years old a few
days ago and has seen a vet for his health check. He is micro-chipped and has been neutered.


The owner didn’t have enough time for him and asked that we find a good home where he would be treasured and loved as he always has been loved.  


He is quite a light weight, intelligent, affectionate boy with a gentle personality. Karen, his first fosterer describes him as a beautiful boy, a friendly happy dog, who loves to snuggle up and be loved and cuddled. She says he has settled really well. He even went camping with them and behaved perfectly. 


Larkin arrived having had a fatty lump removed from his chest but there was some fluid apparent. This got worse and he had to go to vets where he was given antibiotics because it was an abscess which burst.  Apart from that, he is very healthy.


He appears to be fairly well socialized and knows some basic commands

TRAVEL: He travels well in the car.

HOUSETRAINING: He is house trained

RESOURCE GUARDING:   He barked at Karen’s dogs when his food was around so, to err on the side of caution, he is being fed separately 

SEPARATION ANXIETY: He seems to be ok to be left for a while as he has shown no signs of separation anxiety.

LEADWALKING & RECALL: He is very strong and does pull on his lead so he needs some training to get better which we are working on. While we were camping in Wales, we put a perfect fit harness on him and that seems to have helped a lot with the pulling. He will need training before being let off his lead.

ADULTS & CHILDREN: Larkin loves people and is very friendly. He isn't mouthing as much as he did now and only seems to do it when he gets stressed or excited. Fortunately, he has never done it to a child, only to adults.

DOGS:  He seems to get on well with most other dogs, male and female, but may not be too keen on small dogs and he does bark at some dogs. He has loved playing with our Golden Retrievers without being dominant and gets on well with our neighbour’s dog but, to avoid any problems, he is fed separately.

CATS: He, initially, for fun, kept chasing Cuddles, the cat, but he stopped when asked and showed her no aggression. He is now good with her.


Larkin needs experienced people who are prepared to continue with his training. Living with another big dog or dogs for company would be perfect for him.  

August 2017

Larkin has gone to live in his Forever Home

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue