Bailey is now almost 6yrs old, neutered and house trained, and has been living with his
adopter for 4 years. Sadly, due to an unforeseen change in circumstances Marilyn can
no longer keep Bailey but she wants the very best possible home for him so he is
staying in owner foster until his perfect forever home can be found.

This little lad came into my life well over three years ago after seeing him on
the IRR website.

In the beginning he was a little unsure of his new home but, in a very short time, he has
shown a most wonderful side to his character and what a handsome boy he is too.
Bailey has brought such joy and laughter to this household.

He walks with a Happy at Heel harness and has a good recall. He likes to introduce
himself to anyone he meets whilst out walking. He is gentle with children and will
even give them a lick and he really likes to be petted.  Bouncy/full-on dogs may get a
grump if they get too close but he has never shown any aggression whatsoever to
either animals or humans and can be described as every dog lovers dream.

Bailey loves to run madly in fields where he is safe from roads and proceeds to flush
out the local game birds (which always manage to escape).  He also takes a great
interest in the local rabbit population. Bailey will chase them and disappear out of sight
only to reappear further down the track in front of you (without one – which is always
agreat relief). He responds to a whistle and a treat.

Bailey is such a happy dog with a forever waggy tail (windmill wagging mostly). He is
transfixed by a ball, any ball, anybody’s ball (lol), which he loves to retrieve. Bailey also
likes to chew but not your furniture.  He loves rope toys and will demolish them with glee,
along with fluffy and squeaky toys.  He is neither toy nor food aggressive and will
surrender toys happily when asked.

Bailey will occasionally react to large lorries, trailers and the local grass cutting
machine but responds well to being checked when he hears or sees them.  Cats are
a special favourite of Bailey’s (for chasing that is) and he will chase most wildlife and
grump at the fox when he is around but he is frog and hedgehog friendly although curious.
He loves the vacuum cleaner and brings it a toy when I switch it on. Bailey doesn’t
care much for fireworks and thunder but he is getting better with lots of reassurance.

Bailey is not food possessive but he will counter surf so leaving food about is a no-no.
After he pinched and ate a couple of steaks put out to defrost, plastic bags and all, so a
valuable lesson was learned not to leave anything tasty near the edge of the bench.  He
does have an appetite for bird seed and will hoover up any that has found its way onto
the ground. Any carrion he finds is also on the menu with the obvious consequences.

Bailey is a great traveller and loves to look out of the window of the car.  When we go
to the beach he will have a little plodge in the water and he adores swimming (think
he might be a Pisces). His attention is focused on the ball and Bailey has not left my
side to run after other dogs or people whilst there. Bailey loves being in the river and will
retrieve a stick or a floating toy.

He is a very active dog but he does suffer greatly in the heat.  He has been to the vet
for this condition and has had his heart and lungs checked, his joints looked at, and
everything was tip top.  He just doesn’t do well when the temperature rises so a home
near the coast or near a river, lake/pond would be ideal as this would enable him to
keep cool during and after exercise and be ideal for this energetic and playful/fun loving dog.

I feel an ideal home for him would be with a loving family maybe with older kids
as he is so funny, intelligent, loving, very very happy and not stressed in the slightest.
Another option may be a home with someone who already has a dog so that he
would have a playmate.  He has been left in the house alone for up to 4 hours and
has not been one ounce of bother.  A garden would also be a great place for Bailey as
he loves to play tug and ball.



In 2013 when he came from Cyprus, Bailey was approximately 2 years old,
his D.O.B. being 12/10/2011. He was neutered by IRR.

He was described as an extremely friendly boy who deserved a wonderful home after
his poor start in life.

Bailey responded well to training, showing himself to be quite clever and extremely eager
to please. He soon began gaining weight and started to look healthy.

Bailey was fine with other dogs and with the cats that he saw in the kennels where he
was being kept.

This boy deserves nothing but the best, most loving home that we can possibly
find for him. He will reward your love and attention a thousand times over with his big heart
and smiley face.

Bailey went to hs Forever Home.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue