Beau is an 8 year old cream coloured Golden Retriever with a mischievous personality,
and like most Goldens, he is very affectionate.  This wonderful boy has been neutered,
and has received all the necessary inoculations and veterinary treatment to travel to
the UK. Unlike, his mate Lady, Beau was only slightly matted but still needed
to be thoroughly groomed.

Lady and Beau came from a kind home and belonged originally to the owner’s
mother who had died. Her son was in a wheelchair and, despite doing his best, he
found he simply couldn’t cope. That was when Kathryn, our Ireland Co-ordinator, 
was contacted.

IRR is called to help in all circumstances and neglect is very difficult to deal with but,
in this case, it was the owner’s disability and financial situation which meant that Lady
couldn’t be groomed. Unfortunately, friends, who were supposed to help, hadn’t. 

Kathryn could hardly contain her tears, giving their distraught owner the biggest hug as
he said “I’m sorry that she isn’t clean”. She reassured him “Don’t worry about that we
will have her looking a million dollars when she is done. We will look after her, never fear.
I will send you pictures and you will see how wonderful she looks”.

The owner was extremely upset as was Lady who didn’t want to be parted from him, so
close was the bond between them. In the end, Kathryn lifted her from the house to the
car as she whimpered, clearly frightened of what lay ahead. 

The situation was heartbreaking for both dogs and their owner.  Beau danced around
his master, as if to reassure him that he knew everything was going to be all right.
However, Beau also seemed worried about going to be with his ‘lady love’ in the car as
he didn’t want to be left behind. As soon as Beau got in, Lady calmed down, realizing
that Beau was going on the same journey and they would still be together forever.

Both dogs were very clearly loved and the agreement was that Lady would be adopted
with her mate Beau. IRR always keeps its promises and this was one promise we
intended to keep.

They went into foster in the UK with Amber and Alex where Beau thrived but, sadly,
poor lady was found to be seriously ill and she passed peacefully
over Rainbow Bridge on 1.9.2017.

According to Amber “Beau is very affectionate but he can be quite demanding as he
likes to try and get your attention and he will physically push other dogs away to
get to you. However, he is also very eager to please. He is the more confident of
the pair, he loves a cuddle and he already greets his walks with enthusiasm. He’s
very laid back in the house but I have noticed he’s already getting happier to trot
around the garden.

Beau is a happy dog, just held back by the weight he needs to lose. He does
need to work on his manners around food as he will snatch treats or attempt to
knock his food from your hands. However, in just a few days we have seen an
improvement in this. He’s a very easy dog to have around, his only vices being his
food manners and pulling on the lead. We are working on him not snatching food and
not diving into his food bowl but, on the bright side, his food motivation should make
him easy to train!

His health is generally good but Beau’s teeth aren’t great and he is very over weight
so this makes his walking look a little laboured. However, we have seen him get
more energetic and, already, he wants to chase about the garden. His fitness levels
are holding him back at the moment but I think, as he starts to lose weight, he’ll look a
lot lighter on his feet and will, eventually, really enjoy longer walks

After two weeks in foster, Amber says” Beau will need some work to make sure he
doesn’t continue to try to steal food! He thinks, if there is food about, it is probably
for him. This has included him trying to grab a full bag of bread from my husband’s
hands. Apart from refusing to let go, he is actually very good natured about
food, showing no aggression, but he does not seem to understand why he can’t
have it! We are working on him not snatching treats or trying to knock his food bowl
out of your hands and have seen some progress.

Beau is much more mobile and active already. We have seen him lose weight (weigh
in on Friday). He’s very friendly with our dogs and he likes to potter around the garden
with them and lounge on the sofa.”

TRAVEL: Beau is happy and content travelling in a vehicle

HOUSETRAINING: He is almost completely house trained 

BASIC TRAINING: Beau is well socialized and trained in basic commands

LEADWALKING: At the moment, Beau does pull on the lead

RESOURCE GUARDING: He shows no evidence of resource guarding

SEPARATION ANXIETY: Beau shows no signs of separation anxiety

ADULTS:   Beau is exceptionally friendly and very laid back with adults. He greets everyone with enthusiasm.

CHILDREN: He is very friendly with children

DOGS: Beau is very friendly  and polite when being introduced to other dogs and
loves playing with ours. He likes the company of people and other dogs. Fortunately
for Beau, as Lady had become increasingly poorly and has no longer wanted his attentions,
he has distanced himself from her in favour of our dogs.

CATS:  He is very friendly with cats

It was planned that Lady and Beau would remain together but, sadly, that was
not meant to be. Fortunately, we know Beau will be happy as long as he has another
dog or dogs to play with.

This boy will make a wonderful addition to a home where someone is prepared to
spend time and patience on helping him adjust to his new life. His ideal forever folks
would probably be an older retired couple who have plenty of time and lots of love to
lavish on him. We can envisage him in a home where he will be able to enjoy a nice
leisurely pace of life and where he can look forward to the many long and happy
Autumn years that are ahead of him.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue