MY FOLKS ARE HOPELESS!!!!!!!!! (14.4.2017)

"Barnaby reporting here. Well, what can I say? Not unlike one or two other well
known IRR fosterers, my folks (Louise and Paul) are really quite hopeless!!!!!!!! They have
added to our numbers again and Bill and Ben are staying forever.

Their excuse is that the boys can be a bit of a handful (I can vouch for that!!) and they
would be really worried about them going anywhere else and getting into bother again.
They also needed to be in a forever home with other dogs and I reckon few people are
nutty enough to have a pack of six like my folks have been busily acquiring,
not that I am complaining.

I don't mind admitting, I was dead scared of Bill and Ben to start with but Mum told
me it was not their fault that they didn't know doggy manners so I gave them the
benefit of the doubt and, sure enough, we are good chums now. I have to say, it didn't
go unnoticed by me that they were always quite fine with the ladies!! Whilst not liking
my little Cocker boy puppy cousin, Blue, they totally adored all three of my sisters
right from the start, and especially the middle aged Irish ladies, Maggie and Millie

My Mum has worked her magic again and Bill and Ben are now model citizens while
Dad, always a soft touch, is totally in love with them so there was never going to be a different outcome and, I am delighted to say, all is well here in sunny Norfolk"


Bill and Ben are six year old Golden Retrievers. They are mirror images of each other
though Ben is larger in frame than Bill.
Bill and Ben were groomed after taking a few days to settle but saw a vet
straightaway for a check up. They are now neutered and have received the correct
inoculations to go to the UK together.

Bill was relinquished with his brother Ben, on the understanding that they would be
re-homed together, which IRR endeavours to do unless the dogs fight or prove to
have a negative impact on each other
Apparently, Bill and Ben are used to children, having been brought up with them,
but due to work commitments and a growing family, it was seen as the most sensible
thing to do to get them rehomed. Kathryn explained that IRR do not ever re-home
dogs unless placed inside the home and are a fully integrated part of the family.
 In the UK, they are being fostered with an experienced fosterer, Louise who has
children, dogs and other animals. Their profile is based on her initial assessment in
early February and report after a month on 17.3.2017


Both boys are very healthy and robust. They are both slightly underweight, though
you wouldn't realise it to look at them due to the dense fluffy nature of their coats.
This means they need extra grooming but, fortunately, both love to be brushed and pampered.


Now the boys true character is showing, they are very different dogs than the
bewildered two who arrived a few weeks ago. They are still very much a bonded
pair and even walk in step with each other, both on and off lead, but they are
now happy to be separated for short periods of time and will happily come out with
one or more of my dogs leaving their brother behind.

The boys are still a closely bonded pair but are no longer inseparable.  They prefer to
sleep touching a human but will happily snooze apart or together. It seems human
attention now overrules their need for each other.

Both boys are very, very gentle in all they do. They are puppy like in their
movements sometimes but it is always done slowly and gently. They both always
have a smile on their face, they are incredibly affectionate with all humans big and
small and they now seek humans out rather than each other.

Because they adore human affection, they seek out a lap to lean on or hand to
stroke at every opportunity. Ben especially loves having his tummy tickled and will
roll onto his back as soon as he sees someone bend down!  They are very
rewarding to look after.

Bill and Ben have come on in leaps and bounds! They're unrecognisable from
the boys that arrived a month a go. Both individually and as a pair the boys are
delightful. They are both eager to please and quick to learn. They're happy
walking for miles or just having a gentle stroll. They're happy to sit and watch the
world go by in cafes and always attract a lot of attention!

For no obvious reason, both Bill and Ben are still quite wary around doorways and
sometimes have to be encouraged to come into the house. If I back away they
will follow but get very anxious if I walk towards a door to call them in. They dither
before coming into a room and hang back until given permission.
TRAVEL: Initially, Bill fretted in the car. He couldn’t even get out of the car without
Ben his brother to paw and Ben also seemed to get upset in the car but, when he
saw his brother Bill, he settled and was fine. 
Together, they appear to be good travelling whether it be to jump into the car on a
short spin or going on a longer trip.
HOUSETRAINING:After a few initial hiccups, thanks to their patient, gentle fosterers,
both boys are now fully housetrained.
RESOURCE GUARDING: The boys used to push each other out of the way regularly
but didn't do it with people or my female dogs. They now eat within a metre
of my 4 dogs without issue.
LEADWALKING: They are easily walked if together. Ben walks well on a lead and
harness but is very strong if he veers from the path you want to take. He does
return to heel quickly when corrected.
RECALL:  Both boys have instant recall (to both of their names and to those
of my dogs!). They are incredibly food motivated and a treat works wonders
with teaching all commands except stay! They're so excited they can't sit still!
CHILDREN: Bill and Ben are good with adults and children
DOGS:  They were very anxious around other dogs initially but this has almost
totally disappeared. When they are on lead, they still aren't keen on small noisy dogs.
They now sleep in the same room as my dogs and aren't concerned how close they are to each other
CATS and SMALL FURRIES:  Definitely no cats and no small animals, reptiles etc.
Surprisingly enough, they show no interest in chickens



Bill is naturally less pushy than Ben but is now much more confident and was the first
to be happy to go off and explore places without Ben.. He likes to instigate play with
my dogs especially my youngest bitch.
Bill is a happy little chap who is pale gold and quite slightly built underneath his lovely
coat. He was under 24kg and very, very thin so he has been fed 3 meals a day
and his spine is no longer prominent.


Ben is slightly larger than Bill, he is very pale cream and has a beautiful fluffy coat.
He is occasionally anxious but tries very, very hard to please and usually has a
huge grin on his face. Ben is delightful with humans! He is extremely affectionate and
always has a smile and a wagging tail to greet you.
He is usually a gentle giant of a goodie and is, remarkably calm and laid back about
most things he has come into contact with. He is able to settle in a different room to
Bill and explores the garden happily without Bill’s company. He's taken
everything human in his stride!

Bill and Ben should be homed together somewhere with no cats or small furries.
They would probably benefit from being part of a large family where there is
enough attention to go round! They have become less dependent on each
other having been surrounded by four dogs so we believe they would thrive in a
home with a sensible, well socialised female or two who would be a
calming influence and mentor.


2017 Irish Retriever Rescue