Charlie is a small working Golden Retriever or he may even be a Retriever Cross. He is golden
coloured, neutered and about two years old. He was health checked by a vet in
Ireland, is micro-chipped and he obtained a Pet Passport for entry into the UK.

He was surrendered to North Tipperary Pound and the Mo Chara Rescue asked us to help.
Charlie went to what we hoped would be his forever home but, unfortunately, it didn’t
work out so he has now moved up to Scotland to be fostered by Lynn. As with all her foster
dogs, he is loving being there. He settled in very quickly and, immediately, became
best friends with Dannie


He is very affectionate and loves his cuddles and being brushed and will make a lovely
pet with further training.

He is enthusiastic, clever and very energetic. He is confident and can even be slightly pushy
in an environment where he is comfortable. However he is nervous and fearful of new people,
places and objects.


Charlie was very, very thin when he arrived but, otherwise, he is very healthy. He has a good
appetite and eats well. He is now a good weight with ribs and hip bones nicely covered.


TRAVEL: He is happy and content travelling in a vehicle
BASIC TRAINING: He listens and takes direction but his uncertainty remains obvious.
LEADWALKING: He walks loose lead with a halti or equivalent. He will often bark at
strange or new objects whilst on the lead.
RESOURCE GUARDING: He has shown no evidence of resource guarding.
SEPARATION ANXIETY: He gets very stressed and spins in circles when left. He also barks
if confined in a crate but he does eventually settle.
ADULTS and CHILDREN: He barks at new people but, once he knowns them, he is a sociable boy.
DOGS: He is friendly with other dogs but barks when on the lead. Lynn says “Charlie has shown
no sign of aggression with my dogs whatsoever. He has also been socialised with my daycare
dogs and, again, there have been no signs of aggression. He is not a pushover, though, and he
will tell another dog off for mounting him etc but he has never taken part in a fight”.
CATS: He has not been tested with cats


He needs experienced owners who have plenty of time to allow him to settle and who will
help him build his confidence. They must be prepared and happy to continue with his positive training.

He would be happiest as part of an active family or, even better, one doing agility, canicross
or flyball. This would burn off his energy and occupy his brain. He is an intelligent, active dog
who really does need a job so he can fulfill his potential and enjoy his life to the full.

He definitely needs a canine companion or companions. He becomes anxious when left on his
own and displays signs of separation anxiety. He is not destructive but he does spin in circles
and may knock things over. He settles better when access to the house is not restricted
and when he has the company of other dogs.

He would benefit from having another dog who would help him adjust to his new life and who
would be willing to tolerate his play instigating and be happy to join in whilst also being
prepared to tell him off as and when needed.

He is an excellent blank canvas for a committed owner to turn into a faithful companion and
we believe the very special person who adopts Charlie will be very lucky indeed.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue