LUCA (was Lucky)

Lucky is a gorgeous, 9 months old, castrated Golden Retriever dog.

He was handed in to Heather in Northern Ireland and is now in foster
with Dawn in Scotland.

Lucky is a lovely natured dog who is eager to please. He loves to be
around people and is always keen to say “hello” to visitors, wanting to be patted.
He gets anxious when people are leaving a room.

He is sometimes boisterous and is full of beans 24/7 as would be expected of a youngster.
He can be calm after a long walk.  

Lucky has good general health though he may possibly be a little overweight. He has
good ears, eyes, mouth and teeth. His bowel and bladder movements are good.
His legs are good.
Lucky has a little dry skin behind one of his legs & and both back paws  


TRAVEL: He is a reasonably good traveller

HOUSETRAINING: He is not completely housetrained

BASIC TRAINING: Lucky has had little basic training

LEADWALKING and RECALL: He walks reasonably well on lead but does sometimes
pull a bit. He has quite a good recall

SEPARATION ANXIETY:  He suffers with separation anxiety

RESOURCE GUARDING: There is little evidence of resource guarding and he is
not food possessive.

ADULTS and CHILDREN: Lucky is very friendly with adults and children

DOGS: He seems to be quite friendly with other dogs

CATS: He is, apparently, good with cats although there are
none in his foster home.

October 2017

Luca has gone to live in his Forever Home

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue