Scooter is a gorgeous, small, neutered male Golden Retriever Cross who was estimated
to be about 17mths old when IRR rescued him in mid July 2017. We now believe he could
be a wee bit older than that.

He is very handsome with a lovely smiley face and is light gold in colour with a white
flash on his chest and white paws. He has been vet checked and has received all the
vaccinations necessary  before travelling.

Scooter was seized by the Dog Warden from a Travellers Site where he was
tied to a pole. He had either been kicked in the head or had suffered from an
ear infection that had never been treated and that was why his head tilted to one side.

A wonderful Limerick rescue, with whom we had had successful dealings before,
contacted IRR after sending us a video asking for help and outlining the situation in
which he had been found. We, of course, couldn’t say ‘no’ to this wonderful little
boy who had already suffered so much even before his life had really started. 

The most important thing was to get him to a vet to do a full skeletal x-ray to
ensure that no bones had been broken which proved to be the case and so the
slow work of helping Scooter to the next part of his life started. The vet had assured
IRR that this would not affect him and  there was no reason for him not to
live a healthy and happy life.

Fortunately, Kathryn received the emergency call about Scooter, who was in the Pound,
just in the nick of time. This gorgeous boy was due to be put to sleep that afternoon but
they held him until the following day so Kathryn could go and collect him. There was
nothing wrong with him temperamentally but, sadly, he was on the list because they were full.

Scooter was fostered in Ireland by Sarah, a wonderful Irish lady, who has already fostered
so many and helped them on their way with her wonderful family and nutty Labrador, Rocky.

Sarah found Scooter to be super friendly and great with children as Sarah has a
small daughter. She found he pulled on the lead and was best walked with a harness. 
He wasn’t fond of a collar and lead, no doubt due to his previous history. When
Scooter went for his final health check, the vet was astonished that his head tilt
had improved so dramatically. IRR promised the Irish Rescue and Sarah’s family that
we would get him a fabulous home.He deserves a home where he can be spoiled and
loved and where he can live his life without the fear of being abused or hurt ever again.
He is in foster in the UK with Chris and Dave and their IRR dog, Finbar.

Dave says “Scooter has settled in very nicely and he and Finbar love playing chase in the garden.  
He loves meeting new people but sometimes exhibits evidence of possible mistreatment
as he cowers if he thinks he may have done something wrong. We have been
reassuring him that nothing unpleasant will happen to him.

In the short while Scooter has been with us, his character has really come out. He loves
riding in the car and the walk that it leads to. He can be playful and mischievous, piling
up the toys on his bed. Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to teach him to put
them back in the toy box afterwards!”

He has a slight discharge from both eyes but, otherwise, he is very healthy.



TRAVEL: He is happy and content travelling in a vehicle

HOUSETRAINING: He is almost completely housetrained now

BASIC TRAINING: He appears to have has some basic training

LEAD WALKING: Scooter walks `loose lead’ with a slip lead and with a body harness

RESOURCE GUARDING: He has shown no evidence of resource guarding

SEPARATION ANXIETY: Scooter has shown no signs of separation anxiety

ADULTS and CHILDREN: He is very friendly with adults and children

DOGS: Initially, he appeared to have issues with other dogs and was certainly more
people oriented. He now gets on well with our dog although he can still be a bit
anxious and fearful when meeting other dogs. This may simply be due to
him being on the lead

CATS: Scooter is untested with cats

Scooter needs a loving, active home with people who will continue with his
basic training. We believe another dog will help show him the ropes. Once he
has settled and gained trust, he will be a great companion for some lucky person.

2017 Irish Retriever Rescue