2000 - 24/4/2013


Linda says "My life with Ben came to an end on Wednesday, 24th April. I am
absolutely devastated, he was my everything. God bless him, he brought a purpose to my life,
and me to his".

Soon after Ben’s passing, Linda sent us this inspirational email: "A friend had sent me
kind words of compassion and the most beautiful poem:-


You’ve gone from me, I miss you so
Your coat as white and soft as snow
Your big brown eyes with gentle gaze
Your loss has left me in a daze.
Alone I amble down the road 
No-one to share my heavy load
Just one more day with you I crave
One special hug you always gave
Our days were always full of fun
You loved to walk and jump and run
Always faithful by my side
Matching me on every stride
One more look I yearn to see 
One moment shared with you and me
One gentle kiss upon my face
Remembering, I slow my pace
My eyes well up, here come the tears
Where are you now to quash my fears?
I’d swap a fortune, that’s so true
For just a little sign from you
I pause and close my reddened eyes
I feel you near, I tell no lies
On my face I feel your kiss  
Am I dreaming? What is this?      
My eyes wide open now, I see
A pure white feather sent to me
I knew that you would send a sign
Of love forever yours and mine

Since I received the email, I had been looking out for a white feather. 

Today, 4th May, there were a number of them in my sister's garden but I thought
perhaps they were from the pigeons that take the birds' food. 

Then, I was walking along a busy road yesterday and I saw one or two laying
on the pavement but, again, I thought perhaps they were from the pigeons. 

This morning I emptied the vase of flowers that a neighbour had bought for me when
she heard about the loss of Ben. The flowers were stood by his bed. I washed the
vase and placed it back in the cupboard where I also kept Ben's medical bits &
pieces and I thought I must clear them away.

I opened the lid of an unused box of Stronghold and, would you believe, there was a
tiny white feather under the flap of the box!!!!!!!  I just couldn't believe it. I had
been so upset earlier and had made myself get on and do something, only to find
this beautiful white feather. How could it have got under the flap of the box? I
still can't believe it. 

Pauline told me that it was a very clear sign that Ben wanted me to know that he is
still with me and will always be close by because he loves me very, very much.
She said that he didn't want to go but it was his time and that I can be sure
he will always watch over me and, one day, he will be instrumental in finding
another companion (or possibly companions) for me.

I can't tell you how much all this has helped me to become stronger and I hope,
by recalling this wonderful experience, it may help and give comfort to someone else
who has lost their special friend.

God bless you Ben, I will love you forever" 

16 months on, Linda is still missing her wonderful boy and talks to him all the time.
The White Feather message continues to help her greatly and she still sees them
everywhere but especially when she is working in the garden or is out walking with her sister.

A few special feathers sit on top of Ben's urn ....

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